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10 Signs That You’re Pregnant with Twins or Multiples

10 Signs That You're Pregnant with Twins or Multiples

Mothers who are expecting twins

Are you expecting twins? Pregnant women with unusual belly size often suspect that they are having twin pregnancy. Multiple pregnancies are a form of gestation wherein the mother carries two or more fetus inside the uterus. It usually occurs when there is more than one fertilized egg that starts to develop on separate entity. However, there are cases wherein two egg cells undergo a certain mitotic (cell division) process but do not separate from each other. This is termed as conjoined twins. This article will provide information related to the 10 signs of twin pregnancies.

10 twin pregnancy symptoms

  • Ultrasound result – The most confirmatory test that is used to determine if the mother is pregnant with twins is through ultrasound. This is a test used to acquire detailed imaging of the fetus inside the womb. The sound wave which is normally being produced by the device is being interpreted through a monitor and it displays the exact features of the growing fetus. Despite of several signs of twin pregnancy, the confirmation of having this condition will still rely on the result of the ultrasound.
  • Doppler Heartbeat Test – Another device that is used to determine the condition of the fetus is Doppler. This is used to identify and monitor the fetal heart rate. Doppler can detect more than one heartbeat existing inside the womb. The sound wave produced by the device can amplify the fetal heart sound. However, there are some cases wherein the presence of two or more heartbeats can be misleading. Some would conclude that this is brought by the background
    10 Signs That You're Pregnant with Twins or Multiples
    10 Signs That You’re Pregnant with Twins or Multiples

    sound of the fetal heart rate and others believe that it can be the maternal heartbeat.

  • Human chorionic gonadotropin (Hcg) Result – Another test that is used to determine the signs of twin pregnancy is through Hcg level determination. This hormone responds to the products of conception. It usually increases in 10 days after the conception. It reaches the peak level at 10 weeks of pregnancy. A mother who is pregnant with twins may have exceeding level of Hcg in the blood or urine. However, this is not used to determine the presence of multiple pregnancies because there are times when the level of Hcg for twin pregnancy falls on the normal limit.
  • Alpha-Feto Protein Test Results – The alphafeto protein (AFP) is a test used to screen the blood which is performed to pregnant mothers. It is usually done at the second trimester. This is also termed as the triple marker test or maternal serum screening test. This is done to identify the potential risks of fetal anomaly. One of the twin pregnancy symptoms is identified through this test. It usually elicits high or positive result. In case that the result is abnormal, the doctor will require the pregnant mother to undergo ultrasound test to evaluate the situation for further assessment.
  • Identifying the Abdominal Size for Gestational Age – this process is done by the midwife or doctor. They usually measure the fundic height starting from the uppermost part of the fundus up to the top of the pubic bone. This process can determine the gestational age. A mother who is pregnant with twins may have an exceeding size of fundic height which goes beyond the normal size of single pregnancy. However, this method is not considered as a confirmatory test because there are several factors that can alter the result.


Physiologic Changes that determine the Pregnancy with Twins

  • Mother’s Weight – Another simple way to identify twin pregnancy is to measure the weight of the mother. Mother who carries two or more fetus inside the womb causes her to become large. Eventually, this can affect her weight as well. However, this may be altered by several factors including the biophysical status of the mother such as height, body type, and eating pattern. One of the twin pregnancy symptoms is identified through mothers who are rapidly increasing their weight.
  • Consistent Morning Sickness – The presence of Hcg in response to the product of conception can cause the women to feel nauseated. This can lead to early morning vomiting episodes. Pregnant mother who possesses the signs of twin pregnancy may suffer with the same dilemma as with singleton mom. However, there are reported cases wherein mothers who are carrying multiple babies may suffer from intensified morning sickness.
  • Fetal Movement – Another form of twin pregnancy symptoms can be identified through the frequency of fetal movement. However, this will not confirm the condition because there are factors including the activity of the mother that can alter the outcome. Pregnant mother who bears two or more babies may feel early movement of the fetus.
  • Extreme Fatigability – Feeling of severe fatigability including lethargy, sleepiness and tiredness is another indication of multiple pregnancies. However, this can be misleading because there are existing factors that can predispose the pregnant mother to this condition.
  • History of Multiple Pregnancies – Finally, one of the OB assessments done to pregnant mother is the identification of history for having multiple pregnancies. The maternal and paternal side is being assessed for determining the history of this condition. Chances are high if there are other members of the family who have multiple pregnancies.
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