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37 weeks pregnant – The Most Common Signs and Symptoms Experienced

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If you are 37 weeks pregnant you are in for the last episode of this tough time. After the thirty seventh week of pregnancy, the mother to be can go into labor at anytime, so it is best to keep yourself prepared. However, you should know that since every pregnancy is individual some women go into labor even in the thirty sixth weeks while others do not go into labor as late as forty two weeks. Hence, it is best that you consider knowing all you can about pregnancy symptoms week by week so you can prepare yourself according to the bodily signs and symptoms that occur. It is highly essential that the mother to be knows what real labor is and what isn’t since during this week moving again and again is very difficult as the baby has grown fully making it even more and more difficult for the mother to move. Do not worry for this is just a waiting game now, since your baby has matured and is ready to enter the world, you just now have to wait to do into labor so you can deliver the baby.

How is your baby doing in the thirty seventh week of pregnancy?

Your baby is ready to enter the real world, so even if you go into labor at this point, your baby will come out to be healthy. The baby’s lungs which are the last to develop have now fully matured so your baby is now ripe and ready, though doctors will not schedule a delivery until the 39th week of pregnancy, since your baby needs to spend more time in your mother’s womb. In this week, your baby will weigh around six pounds and this weight will continue to increase until the fortieth week of pregnancy. Your baby’s height is approximately nineteen inches now and at the time of delivery the height will increase an inch or so, not any more than that. Moreover, in the thirty seventh week of pregnancy the hair on your baby’s head will be fully grown. The locks will be up to one and a half inches long so do not be surprised if your baby has hair on the head when delivered. Also you cannot determine the color of your baby’s hair and don’t expect it to be the same color as yours. Some babies are known to be blonde when their parents have jet black hair. So there is nothing to be alarmed about. Hair color has nothing to do with genes.

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Common signs and symptoms in the thirty seventh week of pregnancy

Baby development week by week will cause your body to undergo certain changes that will occur on a weekly basis.

  • Pregnancy by week suggests that in the thirty seventh week of pregnancy, mothers to be will experience Braxton Hicks. Major contractions will be felt with more intensity as the amniotic fluid in your womb is diminishing day by day. Also since your baby is increasing in size, the kicks will be felt more clearly inside your womb, which will cause discomfort.
  • Moreover you will suffer from increased vaginal discharge. This is because the layer that way keeping your vagina bacteria free is thinning away slowly as your body is approaching the due delivery dates. However, make sure that the vaginal discharge doesn’t contain blood. If the discharge is pinkish in color contact your doctor immediately, since this can be dangerous for the baby.
  • Also by this time the Strep B test that you took in the 36th week of pregnancy would bring in results in the thirty sixth week of pregnancy. If you are positive the doctor will provide you with anti-biotic and the care that you require if you have this condition.
  • Take time to indulge in your favorite things and get plenty of sleep as you won’t be getting any sleep when the baby is born.
  • Keep an eye on the baby’s movement, as if you sense any decrease you should get in touch with your doctor immediately.
  • The level of discomfort for the mother to be will increase, as the baby keeps on increasing in size and takes up most of the room in your stomach causing you to feel suffocated and bloated all the time.
  • Anxiety and tensions are bound to rise as the day of the delivery approaches especially for first time mothers. This can result in restlessness and nightmares but this isn’t anything to worry about. A long and detailed chat with your doctor regarding labor can result in your relieving most of this tension. Since delivery can be a painful and stressful procedure it is best to be prepared about it rather than experiencing alarms, so get an appointment with your doctor immediately.
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37 weeks pregnant – The Most Common Signs and Symptoms Experienced 17

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