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33 Weeks Pregnant – Your Pregnancy Guide during the Thirty Third Week of Pregnancy

33 Weeks Pregnant - Your Pregnancy Guide during the Thirty Third Week of Pregnancy

As you move on into the later weeks of your pregnancy, it will be a good idea to have a pregnancy by week guide by your side. Since you will soon be rushing to the hospital for your due delivery, you must know regarding all the various pregnancy symptoms week by week, in order to avoid any discomfort for you or the baby. This article will be like your baby development week by week guide and will also provide you with tips regarding what you need to do in the thirty third week of pregnancy. If you are 33 weeks pregnant the very first thing that you need to do is make an appointment and reservation for a room in a hospital that you think is best for your delivery. Make sure to make all reservations in advance since you would be taken there within a few weeks times and it’s better to be prepared than careless.

The Fetus during the Thirty third Week of Pregnancy

By the 33rd week of pregnancy your baby will weigh from 4 to 5 pounds and will be seventeen to nineteen inches in length. The accumulated layer of fat under your baby’s skin will show changes as its color will change from being deep reddish transparent to a more opaque pinkish layer. Furthermore, this is the week in which your baby’s lungs are fully developed so your baby will start preparing itself for the external environment. It will practice breathing by taking air and oxygen in from the placenta of the mother to be.

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Also in the thirty third week of pregnancy the brain of the fetus will start to develop.

  • Neurons and synapses will start developing and the brain will start to grow in size.
  • The skull at this point is not as hard and strong as the rest of the bones in your baby’s body.
  • In this week antibodies will start to perform their duties as the fetus’s immune system will become active. Your baby can
    33 Weeks Pregnant - Your Pregnancy Guide during the Thirty Third Week of Pregnancy
    33 Weeks Pregnant – Your Pregnancy Guide during the Thirty Third Week of Pregnancy

    now protect and save itself from bacteria and germs.

  • At this particular point in time the baby is highly receptive to the exterior environment and the pupils are very sensitive to light changes. Furthermore, any movements caused by the fetus can be felt more intensely by the mother to be. She will even be able to feel skin ripples when the fetus moves. This is due to the fact that the amniotic fluid in your womb is very clear which allows every movement by the baby to be felt with great intensity.


How the “Mother to Be” Feels When 33 Weeks Pregnant

The biggest problem the mother to be has in the thirty third week of pregnancy are leg cramps. They are extremely painful as the mother feels regular pain. One way leg cramps can be avoided is by exercising regularly. Do not indulge in rigorous exercise; try to go for a brisk walk after lunch or during the afternoon. Also refrain from staying in the same position for a greater period of time since lack of mobility causes leg cramps. Remember you can consume calcium supplements so that your body can get sufficient supplements, but always consult your doctor before taking any medication. Moreover, the best remedy when you feel any pain or spasm is to elevate and lift that particular area and apply pressure to it.

Other discomfort for woman during the 33 weeks pregnant is the “dropping” of your breasts due to enlarged weight and size. As your breasts keep on growing larger as they are preparing for breast feeding you can get comfortable, cotton bras that you can wear without feeling bound or suffocated.

Women in their 33 week of pregnancy are likely to feel bloated. This occurs due to increased food intake and growth of fetus. Remember to increase intake of water in order to deal with the bloating. Some women tend to experience the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in which the median nerve is pressed upon which causes numbness of the hands, weakness feeling, tingling and even damage to the muscles in severe conditions. Since the median nerve is responsible for the feeling in the hands, only this particular area is affected. Do not take this lightly and get in touch with your doctor immediately to relieve yourself of this discomfort.

The Baby’s Position in the Thirty third Week of Pregnancy

In the thirty third week of pregnancy the baby moves its position from the breech position in which the legs are near the delivery area, to a position in which the baby turns upside down and moves its head towards the delivery area. Make sure that your baby is in the appropriate position as there are certain precautions and exercises that you need to do if your baby is in the breech position. If that still not helps, doctors will recommend you go for a caesarean delivery rather than a normal delivery.

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