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29 Weeks Pregnant – Symptoms and Ways To Lessen Down Discomfort

29 Weeks Pregnant - Symptoms and Ways To Lessen Down Discomfort

Introduction to the 29th week of pregnancy

The baby development week by week 29 is that, he or she already weighs little over like 1kg and simply measures like 39cm starting from head down his or her toes. Upon his head, the hair would also start growing well. If you would be having a boy, the testicles will then descend near the kidneys all through his groin all through the scrotum. Whenever your baby would become a girl, the clitoris would be a little prominent, since it is not then covered by the small labia. It will then grow to mainly cover it for the last few weeks, prior to giving birth. The head of your baby would be getting bigger in order to give out room for the developing brain. Nearly, all of the babies would react to the sound as well as the light by the end of this week.

On the other hand, your 29th pregnancy week will let you get out varicose veins would be unsightly, yet they are harmless. These veins are actually the swollen blood vessels that frequently surface upon your body for the first time all through your pregnancy. This happens most especially if your grandma or mother already had such. You could also get some mild cases like swelling and aching or would be unlucky enough to experience the real pain as well as the bulging blue veins, which is usually from your ankle to your upper thigh. There are actually things that you could do in order to get rid of this thing, like checking always your weight, keeping your blood on good flow and avoiding lifting heavy things out.

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You should count your baby’s kicks


Have you counted the kicks that your baby does for the day? Well, whenever you had passed your pregnancy by week 28, you should be counting them up every day. For you to ensure that you do it, and simply assure that everything is okay within your belly, then you should make the habit of counting the kicks of your baby twice every day. You have to do it once for the morning and once at night. It would also be best for you to count it by lying down, since babies love kicking up whenever their mum is lying down. It is actually a pattern that they do to continue even after they are born. If you could not really lie down, take time sitting. You should also count all of the movements, even if they are rolls and swishes right until you have hit the count of ten. On the other hand, if you haven’t reached the count of ten within an hour, your baby may just be on his or her break. You can get some light snack and try again, as the blood and sugar rush would be likely for getting your baby to move again. Just simply keep in mind that lesser than ten movements for two hours would simply warrants a call for your practitioner. Chances are, everything is mainly fine, yet it would always be best for you to be safe, than being sorry.

What are main symptoms for a 29 week of pregnancy

Moreover, if you would like to know the pregnancy symptoms by twenty-nineth week are the following:

  • Constipation – the pregnancy hormones would cause up your muscles to mainly relax, though it could cause your system to simply get the backed up. One good way for you to get on the track is to simply eat up yogurt with taking some probiotic acidophilus in a form of yogurt. These are actually beneficial bacteria that could simply help with digestion and get things moving up.
  • Headaches – whenever headaches hits, you could simply get rid of the pain by simply lying down the quiet and dark room together with cold compress right onto your forehead or neck.
  • Hemorrhoids – whenever the veins upon your rectum started bulging and popping out, there would also an increased pressure as well as blood flow upon your pelvic area. How to prevent hemorrhoids? You can actually reduce the discomfort as well as the irritation by simply getting gentle wipes or warm water on a softy toilet paper after getting
    29 Weeks Pregnant - Symptoms and Ways To Lessen Down Discomfort
    29 Weeks Pregnant – Symptoms and Ways To Lessen Down Discomfort

    bowels and try to drink more of fluids to make your stool a soft one.

  • Itchy abdomen – your already stretched belly could simply cause you dry and itchy skin. You should take some time applying moisturizer in a regular manner and consider soaking it on a warm oatmeal bath in order for you to ease dry skin and itch.
  • Sleeping difficulties – whenever heartburns keep you up all night, you should avoid eating much and chew down too close for the bed time. Moreover, you should also avoid coffee or chocolate in the evening, as these kinds of energizers would only make it harder for you to sleep.
  • Swollen ankles during pregnancy – pregnant mothers need to rest or sleep with their legs elevated. This is to promote venous return and proper blood circulation to the lower extremities. The pregnant mother must not wear constrictive clothing to their lower extremities that can impede the blood flow. These methods could help with prevention of swelling feet during pregnancy.

You are close to giving birth, so you should be healthy and careful. Keep in mind that being careless would not do any good for a 29 week of pregnancy. So, you should always take care.

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