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28 Weeks Pregnant – Preparations To Do For Both Mums and Dads-To-Be

28 Weeks Pregnant - Preparations To Do For Both Mums and Dads-To-Be

So, you are now a 28 week pregnant, or may simply assume that it is already your 29 week of pregnancy. Well, this would be on how you would choose to count your week by week pregnancy. By this time of your pregnancy, you would want to know the baby development week by week. Well, your baby could now open his or her eyes and would turn his or her head towards a source where he or she could reflect bright light. His or her fingernails would start budding and the fat layers would start forming when the baby is preparing to get his or her life outside your womb.

Try to communicate with a fetus

One of the good things that you could do for this pregnancy by week 28, then you could start singing and reading to him or her. Keep in mind that the nerve pathways to the ears of your baby are already completed now. You don’t need to worry whenever you feel uncomfortable with regards to communicating with him or her in this means. Keep in mind that it is not for everyone, not to mention that your baby already hears everything that you say.

Be ready for multiple important life changes

On the other hand, you might have been noticing how your life is already changing. Do you love the changes? Of course, if you would like to be the best mother in the world, you would simply start by embracing all of the changes in your life. It is one fact that others do not merely know. These are all the symptoms of pregnancy and you should accept it wholeheartedly. Actually, with the pregnancy symptoms week by week, for this phase, you don’t need to go long. This is all for the reason that you are already in your final trimester. This phase would last until the end of your pregnancy. Well, this would be usually by 40 weeks or so. You may even see your doctor or the midwife more often than before. You don’t really need to wait for a certain appointment if you would like discuss anything. What you would like to know for the day, needs to be done for the day itself.

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Are you torn with what you are feeling? Do you think that you are like forever be pregnant? Do you need help, because you are not maturely ready for this matter? Well, you are not alone for this kind of thinking. It would be best and reassuring for

28 Weeks Pregnant - Preparations To Do For Both Mums and Dads-To-Be
28 Weeks Pregnant – Preparations To Do For Both Mums and Dads-To-Be

you to swap up experiences with the other mother-to-be at antenatal classes. Attending such would simply help you about what you should do at twenty-eighth week of pregnancy. If you would be having your baby at the hospital, simply figure out if it merely offers you some sort of online tour. This way, you have the idea of what you should expect. You can also read up some of the birth stories in real life. It could actually help you prepare for your biggest day.

Several Advices For Dads-To-Be

For dads, how would you really feel about seeing your partner for going through the childbirth phase? Well, knowing what would happen throughout the labor would be the best way to simply keep yourself prepared with this life-changing matter.

Moreover, things do not go as what you had expected, most especially in the point of laboring and birth. There may be some needs that you need for your baby to be born. Yes, you should know if you need assisted birth or mainly needs to go for the caesarean section. This way, you would be prepared and could simply support your partner throughout any kind of procedure she may go through.

Few Things To Do During 28th Week of Pregnancy

  • Is it your very first time being a mum? Well, simply think of the ways on how you could help for bringing your family together and simply become happy with the gift you have from now.
  • Do you show bigger bumps than of the other pregnant women, who are also in similar stage like you? Well, you need to figure out what it really means if you are measuring large for the dates.
  • You also need to make a list of the things you should put up for your hospital bag, just in case you would go in sooner and simply figure out what should go in for the hospital bags for dads-to-be.
  • Apart from labor, you should also think about the maternity rights you would get if you need to give up your work because of an ill health.
  • Lastly, you should also check the “know-how” of doing breastfeeding. Keep in mind that breast milk are best for babies, even up to two years.
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If you are 28 weeks pregnant, you should give yourself the chance to sleep comfortably. This way, you would not only be the one to sleep well, but your baby too. If you find it hard to sleep on your back, then you could sleep on your side with your pillow being tucked underneath your belly. It will surely give you lots of comfort.

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