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25 weeks pregnant – Feel The Changes In Your Body

25 weeks pregnant – Feel The Changes In Your Body

For this week by week pregnancy period, the baby has about 35 centimeters, and weights about 700 grams. This is a significant growth, compared with the last week, and it is important to determine the rhythm of growth of the child, as it is important for him or her to weight about 3 kilograms at birth. Starting with this period, the pregnancy symptoms week by week might not be the same for all women, and the baby might suffer weight modifications. The baby will continue to grow, but the growing rhythm will be different from one child to the other, and this is the explanation why a baby is born with 3 kilograms, while others are born with 4.5 kilograms.

Baby development for the 25th week

The baby continues to grow anyway for the 25 week pregnant. The structure that will form the spine starts to form, and for this week, the blood vessels in the lungs will be formed.

The pregnancy by week symptoms is also different for the woman, as they are for the baby development week by week. Your uterus now has the dimensions of a volley ball, and as it continues to grow, you will feel pressure in the inferior side of the back, and sometimes you will feel pains along the leg. The 25th week of pregnancy is a nice period, but those pains might be really annoying for some.

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25 weeks pregnant – Feel The Changes In Your Body
25 weeks pregnant – Feel The Changes In Your Body

During the twenty-five weeks pregnant, some women might suffer from sciatic, a disease given by the fact that the baby’s head pushes on the pelvis bones, provoking some pains. The sensation might be really painful, and it can get worse. Some women are not even able to walk because of this, and the women probably need a medical intervention to correct the position of the baby. However, those problems might disappear if you get enough rest.

Here are some methods that might help you to ease the pain given by this problem:

  • apply ice or something hot in the painful area for 10 minutes;
  • sleep on a hard mattress;
  • avoid to sit on a chair for a long time;
  • don’t make any activities that will provoke the pain;
  • try to stay with your back straight;
  • use pillows when you stay in bed;
  • don’t lift anything, and if you need to, bend your knees.


Week by week pregnancy symptoms: changes of your body

Until the 25th week, you really shine, as this is the pregnancy’s most pleasant period. You probably feel a little…round, but this is not a reason for you to worry. For the moment, maybe the most important aspect is to enjoy the attention people give you, and to try to accommodate with the perspective of being a mother.

Other pregnancy symptoms week by week might give you the impression that you are in danger of premature birth. If you feel cramps in the inferior side of the abdomen, cramps that resemble with the ones given by the =menstrual cycle, contractions that are regular, and a constant pain of spine, you might want to consult the doctor. The 25th week pregnant is the beginning of a new period, as you will need to think about the possibility of the child to be born earlier.

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In a certain moment of this pregnancy by week moment, the specialist will ask you a test to establish the level of glucoses. This is a routine test, and it is used to see if you are in danger of premature birth, and if the result is positive, and you suffer from a light form of diabetes, a second test might be required to confirm the results.

Diabetes and blood sugar problems

The gestational diabetes is a severe complication of pregnancy. It usually appears during the 25 week pregnant. Even if you don’t have a history of diabetes in your family, this form of diabetes affects about 4 % of pregnant women. Although it does not cause birth defects, it can harm the baby. As the body does not secrete enough insulin, the level of sugar blood can’t be lowered, so the sugar will go through placenta, reaching the baby. On the other hand, the liver of the baby also starts to secrete insulin, therefore he or she will have more energy. Moreover, the baby will also have the capacity to deposit more fat. The gestational diabetes might create weight problems for the child later, and the child might suffer physical traumas during travail. This is why it is important for you to detect this problem in time, and if it exists, it should be treated as soon as possible. Many women neglect this aspect, but remember that it might lead to complications for the rest of the baby’s life; therefore you will have to solve it fast.

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