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21 weeks pregnant – New Symptoms Appear

21 weeks pregnant – New Symptoms Appear

During the 21 week of pregnancy, the baby has about 27 centimeters and weights 360 grams. As you can see, the evolution is a little slowed compared with the previous weeks, but this does not mean that there are no changes for the child and for your pregnancy symptoms week by week. For the 21 week pregnant, the organs and the nervous system develop and grow. The skin also has some modifications, and the digestive system, even If it is not completely developed, starts to function at a minimal level. The intestines start to contract and relax, and the baby is able to swallow and to absorb liquids with the help of the amniotic liquid.

Of course, those pregnancy by week symptoms will also be felt by the mother, and it is possible for the baby development week by week to affect you more than it did during the latest weeks. It is possible to observe sensations of pain and dizziness, and the socks with support might help you to remove that sensation of “hard legs” and pain during pregnancy. Moreover, keep the legs up when you sit down, as you might try light exercises of stretching and sessions of training. However, as you are in the 21 week pregnant, try not to over react, and keep the session shorter than 15 minutes. Moreover, one of the most important types of exercises is yoga, and the special programs developed for women that are during their twenty-one week pregnant period are great.

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Pre natal depression

The modern world brought us some modern diseases that were practically unknown until some decades ago. The week by week pregnancy can be a pre natal depression, a phenomenon that might affect 80 % of mothers, especially during the latest months of pregnancy. The state is given by the perspective of having a baby. Besides the pregnancy symptoms week by week, the mother finally realizes that her life will be completely changes. Sure, a baby represents the most important step in the life of a woman, but starting with the 21st week pregnant, the pregnant woman might start to understand the reverse of the medal. She will start to think about the things she will lose, such as the possibility to go out whenever she wants, she will also realize that her social life will be different, but most importantly, she will realize that the attention she gets from her husband

21 weeks pregnant – New Symptoms Appear
21 weeks pregnant – New Symptoms Appear

will probably be shadowed a little by the new soul that will enter the family. Maybe the husbands must read this instead of the women, as they are responsible to ease those pregnancy by week symptoms, and they need patience and understanding for the mother.

Severe baby development week by week symptoms

Some women might not be able to pass the twenty-first week pregnant. The pre-natal depression might easily be transformed in post natal depression, and the state is characterized with the next symptoms:

  • fear;
  • tiredness;
  • agitation;
  • troubles sleeping and waking up.

Although those symptoms are common for a few weeks, if the state is aggravated, it is possible for the mother to suffer of PPD. This disease has a light manifestation, but for a small number of women, the state will aggravate after the 21 week pregnant, resulting in suicidal thoughts.

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The week by week pregnancy symptoms that are the signs of severe depression are: the impossibility to change the state of mind for more than two weeks, insomnia and sensations of tiredness, lack of interest for the baby and for the everyday life, changes of appetite, and sudden changes of mood and panic attacks.

If you think you suffer from this syndrome, you should contact the doctor immediately. However, it is up to you to treat those pregnancy symptoms week by week, especially with the help of your family and of people around you.

Other symptoms

If you are one of the lucky ladies that don’t feel those symptoms during the 21 week pregnant, you can congratulate yourself, but be aware that this condition might appear even for the women that had no problems of this kind until now. Well, don’t feel bad about yourself, and as long as you have the support of people around you, it is possible to get over those difficulties. Maybe one of the most delicate matters about this matter is the fact that the pregnancy by week symptoms can’t be treated with anti depressants, as it is normal, as the majority of those pills will harm the baby development week by week. The doctor might recommend you some solutions and natural teas, but cure must come from your head. Once you got over the problem of the 21 week pregnant, you are truly ready not only for giving birth, but also for having a healthy and happy life along with your child, husband and family.

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