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20 weeks pregnant – A Few Health Advises

20 weeks pregnant - A Few Health Advices

The week by week pregnancy program finds a baby of 25 centimeters and 280 grams for the 20th week. This week is important not only because it represents more the beginning of the 5th month of pregnancy, but also the moment when the pregnancy symptoms week by week are almost completely disappeared, at least the negative ones.

The growing rhythm of the child during the 20 week pregnant period

Until this week, the baby exercises hiccups and breathing. He or she continues to grow and to fill the body with fat, and the head will slowly come to the normal dimensions, compared with the rest of the body, and the pregnancy by week development is marked by complex skin pigmentation. The baby development week by week is important during this week, as the different layers of skin develop, until it reaches 4 layers, representing the base for the future fingerprints.

20 weeks pregnant - A Few Health Advices
20 weeks pregnant – A Few Health Advices

For the 20 week pregnant, you must remember that you have about half of pregnancy remained. Some women will give birth before 40 weeks, and some later, band the exact number of weeks can’t be clearly established, as it depends on the genetic structure of each one of us.

Changes of your body for the 20 week pregnant

Until this week of pregnancy, it is possible to feel less attractive and “massive”, but as your belly continues to grow, the specialist must make weekly measurements of the belly to confirm the rhythm and growth of your child.

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The dimensions and weights of a baby can vary during the week by week pregnancy program with 20 % +or -, if the ultrasound scanning is used. If the dimensions are bigger, than the pregnancy symptoms week by week might bring the conclusion that you have a multiple pregnancy. The fact that the baby grows faster than expected might also mean that the baby will probably be born sooner than expected. In fact, the twentieth week pregnant period is the period in which the doctor could estimate if you are in danger of premature birth. Those ultrasounds tests will clarify the calculations errors estimating the date of birth, or to detect the potential retard problems of the child. If the specialists believe that the child might suffer of those problems, than other investigations might be required.

The pregnancy by week problems for this period

The reasons why the baby development week by week might be affected during this period might be hypertension, a permanent low weight, abuse of alcohol, drugs and tobacco, therefore it is mandatory to establish a good treatment to cure those problems. During the 20 week pregnant period, the woman might suffer from abdominal itches, but usually those are

20 weeks pregnant - A Few Health Advices
20 weeks pregnant – A Few Health Advices

the result of stretched skin, and they can be eased by applying a hydrating cream. It is also possible for the belly to swallow but all those 20 week pregnant symptoms are common, inoffensive, but sometimes pretty annoying.

Health advices for the week by week pregnancy program

Many women decide to attend special classes that will not only clarify them about the pregnancy symptoms week by week, but they will also allow them to meet other women in the same situation. Especially for women that are at their first pregnancy, the 20 week pregnant courses might be of great help. Of course, besides explaining the benefits of the pregnancy by week problem and the baby development week by week, those courses will also teach the pregnant woman about giving birth, and about the associated processes.

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The majority of those courses will train you about the signs of birth, and about the stages of this process. They will also teach you about:

  • relaxation;
  • breathing techniques;
  • good pregnancy diet advices.

Other courses for the 20th week pregnant will teach you about the medical options you have to ease the pain, and also about the surgery options you have at your disposal to give birth. The most popular courses are Lamaze, a course that is recommended for the 20 week pregnant period, a course that will allow you to manage pain with relaxation, meditation and breathing techniques.

You will also have to think about taking care of the baby once he or she is born. Some mothers might suffer of the post-natal depression, but the courses will teach you how to avoid those problems. The week by week pregnancy programs available online but also with the specialized institutions will teach you everything you need to know about this complicated but pleasant process. Your goal is to understand those pregnancy symptoms week by week, to give birth easy, and to have a healthy child that will be the light of the whole family. The 20 week pregnant period is also a period in which you can talk with your husband about the responsibilities of having a child.

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