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19 weeks pregnant – Feel The Baby Grow

19 weeks pregnant – Feel The Baby Grow

During the nineteenth week of pregnancy, your baby has a length of 16 centimeters, and weights about 240 grams, and between this moment and the moment when the baby will be born, his weight will grow about 10-15 times.

The pregnancy symptoms week by week: 19 week pregnant

During this week, the child will start to produce meconium, which is something like the first fecal materials of the child. Although it is a normal and natural process, it sometimes might pose problems, as those materials released directly in the urethra might be dangerous for the mother. Moreover, those substances might get to the amniotic liquid, and from there, it could reach the lungs of the child, causing pneumonia. Unfortunately, it is only possible to find out it this thing happened after the birth of the baby, and the pregnancy by week symptoms might not give you any clue that something is wrong from this point of view. If this substance is found in the blood or lungs of the child after birth, an urgent intervention is

19 weeks pregnant – Feel The Baby Grow
19 weeks pregnant – Feel The Baby Grow

required. Sometimes, the baby development week by week might be affected, but the only possible method to avoid this problem is to keep a healthy diet, as this way, the meconium will not be that harmful, even if the child swallows it.

During the 19 week pregnant, the brain of the child develops special zones for smell, taste, and hearing, seeing and touching. If you have a girl, she has already produced 6 millions ovules in her ovaries, but the number of those will be lowered to 4 million until she is born.

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The changes of your body during the 19 week pregnant

Until this week, the urethra should be completely visible under the belly button. It is possible for the inferior side of the abdomen to be a little painful, but this is also a normal week by week pregnancy symptom, as the abdomen grows, stretching the surrounding ligaments.

It is not unusual to feel some abnormal pregnancy symptoms week by week during this period, especially the increased tiredness and you might even feel a little dizzy. Here is what you need to do to protect yourself from those problems:

  • Try to avoid sudden position changes, as you might feel dizzy, or you might even faint, resulting in some harm for the child;
  • Rest a lot;
  • Take a break from any activity whenever you feel tired.

Sometimes, the urethra applies pressure on the aorta and the cave vein, the two main blood vessels that are responsible for the blood circulation in your body, and this gives the dizziness problems during the 19 week pregnant. If you feel those symptoms, try to lay on one side, preferably the left one, as this allows the blood to circulate and the tension to grow to a normal level once more.

You should take care about your health also during this pregnancy by week period, and one of the controversies about this period is travelling. While some mothers might feel it is difficult even to move from one room to the other during this period, some others would benefit of a healthy baby development week by week, having the mood to walk around and to take long

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19 weeks pregnant – Feel The Baby Grow
19 weeks pregnant – Feel The Baby Grow

walks in the park. It is not a general recommendation about this during the 19 week pregnant; therefore, you should do as your body tells you.

However, if you decide to take a trip to the mountains or to the seaside during the 19 week pregnant, ask your doctor about the necessary cautions. Any modification of the daily program has to be announced to the doctor, and you should only leave if the doctors allows.

Travelling while pregnant

During a trip, several common symptoms might happen, symptoms that are common to the first weeks of pregnancy. If you want to avoid those problems, you should wear lose clothes, you should have a bottle of water at your disposal all the time, and you should also avoid caffeine and even cold drinks, even if you are travelling in the middle of the summer. During the 19th week pregnant, you should avoid snacks, and other sweets, and if you are travelling, take breaks often and make sure you are always close to “civilization”. In any case, don’t go to the mountains in an area where you don’t have access to medical facilities, as problems might happen, and those problems must be solved immediately.

The week by week pregnancy program is now a common part of the pregnant woman’s schedule, and this is why it is easy for the woman to accommodate with it. In fact, the majority of specialists claim that the 19 week pregnant period makes the transition from the accommodation period to the actual pregnancy, and from now on, the woman can stop thinking about problems and diseases, and she could think about relaxing and enjoying this beautiful moment of life.

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