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18 weeks pregnant – what to do?

18 weeks pregnant - what to do?

The week by week pregnancy are interesting during the 18th week, and the baby continues his or hers astonishing growth, adding 50 % to weight and 10 to height during this period. At the end of this week, the baby must have about 15 centimeters and a weight of 190 grams.

The pregnancy symptoms week by week must disappear, and things like morning sickness and nausea might appear now and then, but only as an exception, not as a rule. Some tests must be made during the 18 week pregnant, to determine the pregnancy by week symptoms, and if you have not made this test during the 17th week, maybe it is time to do it now. This way, you can plan some surgical interventions that are needed in case something is wrong with the baby.

Baby development during this week

The baby development week by week changes a little during the 18 week pregnant period, and this is why ultra sound scanning might detect those changes. For example, some congenital malformations might be detected, and if those are visible, you should also plan the medical intervention if needed. The baby starts to produce a protective layer that is called melina, a substance that will be produced until the 9th week of pregnancy. During the 18th week pregnant, the sexual organs

18 weeks pregnant - what to do?
18 weeks pregnant – what to do?

of the baby are fully developed, and even if it is possible not to be observed with the ultrasounds, the doctor must be able to clearly establish the sex of the baby.

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The week by week pregnancy during the 18th week is marked by a urethra getting close to the belly, and the signs of pregnancy are obvious even for people that don’t know you. People will start to offer you their place in the bus, and considering the fact that the majority of people like pregnant women, you might have a positive tonus feeling the love around you. The majority of women probably have gained about 7 kilograms, but don’t be alarmed if you have gained more or less, as the pregnancy symptoms week by week are different from one woman to the other.

Problems that might appear

It is possible to have sleeping problems during the 18th week pregnant, as the belly continues to grow. Unfortunately, this might last until the end of pregnancy, as this state is given by the fact that your body suffers major transformations from one day to the other. In any case, don’t use sleeping pills, as those might affect the pregnancy by week program. Therefore, it is recommended to try only teas and other natural products that would not affect the baby development week by week. The doctor is the most suited person to recommend you the best solutions of this kind, solutions that will not affect your body or the development of the child.

Tests and verifications

The ultrasound test during the 18 week pregnant will give the doctor important clues about your state, and about the week by week pregnancy process. If you want to sleep on the left side, you will prevent problems with the blood vein of the urethra. The scanning will determine:

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Now is the time to determine if you want to find out the sex of the baby before giving birth. It is an important decision that must be taken along with your husband. In some families, this is a reason of controversies; therefore, you should solve it with calm, as your state of mind is important. If you are able to talk about this problem, maybe you should raise another important problem that must be taken during the 18 week pregnant, such as the name of the baby. If you know the sex, this decision should be eased, but if not, you will have to browse the specialized sites for a long time, unless you don’t have a

18 weeks pregnant - what to do?
18 weeks pregnant – what to do?

name already prepared.

Besides the pregnancy by week symptoms, you might want to think about some other delicate aspects. For example, you probably already know that a child comes with responsibilities, therefore the incomes of your family and your daily schedule must be changed completely. The majority of people are not able to determine the costs of having a child completely; making serious estimation mistakes that will be felt later. The best method is to talk with people that already have a child, as those people could tell you exactly what you need to buy for the child, and what are the processes needed for healthy growing. Otherwise, as soon as those delicate matters are solved, you can continue to watch the baby development week by week and to enjoy one of the most beautiful stages of a woman’s life: being pregnant.

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