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15 weeks pregnant – Feel the Changes

15 weeks pregnant - Feel the Changes

The week by week pregnancy is the same during the 15 week as it was for the 14th week, with some small differences. It is normal, as now, the pregnancy is stabilized, and the pregnancy symptoms week by week of the pregnant woman are now the same, the woman is used with her state, and the rhythm of the baby growing is also stabilized. Your baby grows fast, and now he or she has 11 centimeters and weights about 70 grams.

The development rhythm of the 15 week pregnant


The baby also knows many modifications, and even if you can still see the blood vessels through the placenta with the ultrasound device, the skin has all the functions, and all that it is needed is the pigmentation. This phenomenon is really interesting, as the baby looks like a human map during the 15 week pregnant.

the pregnancy by week symptoms now come with the total development of the bones, and the baby spends much time exercising breathing, inspiring and expiring amniotic liquid, and this action will help him or her to develop the pulmonary functions.

The baby development week by week can now be easily observed, as the abdomen is larger, and during the 15 week

15 weeks pregnant - Feel the Changes
15 weeks pregnant – Feel the Changes

pregnant, the urethra must be felt about 8 centimeters lower than the belly, and starting with this moment, the doctor must measure the distance between the urethra and the pubic bone, to confirm the date when the baby will be born, as usually there is a correspondence between this distance and the number of weeks of the pregnancy.

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Mother’s changes for this week

During the 15 week pregnant, you will really start to feel…pregnant. Some women start to feel the secondary effects of pregnancy:

  • back pains;
  • nausea;
  • excessive salivation, but this week by week pregnancy syndrome is not common and it is not dangerous, but it is disturbing, anyway.

As the muscles of the urethra are more relaxed, because of the increased level of progesterone, and because the urethra pushes against the bones, provoking a slow leaking of the aurine, the bacteria might accumulate along it. The symptoms of this type of infection are pains in the respective area, inferior abdominal pains, and the need to bladder often. One of the most important aspects to consider is that the majority of treatments available for those pregnancy symptoms week by week are invasive; therefore it is better to take care of yourself and to leave the condition to cure itself if you suffer of this disease

15 weeks pregnant - Feel the Changes
15 weeks pregnant – Feel the Changes

during the 15 week pregnant. If you want to prevent this disease or you just want to eliminate the disease as soon as possible, it is important to drink a lot of water; you should go to the toilet as soon as you feel it is time, as this is the best method to clean the urinary track.

Cautions during this week

Generally, during this pregnancy by week period, it is not recommended to take any kinds of medicines, but if it is necessary to take antibiotics. Talk with your doctor, as you will need to take them after a strict program. Otherwise, the baby development week by week might be affected. In any case, the benefits brought by supplements and other pills during the 15 week pregnant are surely not so great compared with the potential risks.

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Generally, the medicines taken during the 15 week pregnant are a part of the next categories of risks for pregnancy: the type A – considered as safe for the week by week pregnancy, the type B, meaning medicines that can have secondary effects on the body of the pregnant woman, but without risks for the fetus, the C category that might or might not be safe for the body, but for which there are enough known details, and also the medicines of the D category that are not recommended for pregnancy, such as the ones containing tetracycline or medicines containing sulfur.

Medicines and pills

As the doctor can only give recommendations, and some women take medicines to ease the pregnancy symptoms week by week without the approval of this specialist, it is important not only to read the specifications of the medicines, but also to understand the 15th week pregnant risks. Talk with the pharmacist, and ask the medicines from the A category. If you are not convinced about a medicine, read the internet about it, and the special pregnancy by week forums where other pregnant women talk about the symptoms they had with the baby development week by week because of those medicines. It is important to ease your pains, but keep in mind that some medicines can be really harmful for the child; therefore you must consider those effects.

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