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What Causes Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy

What Causes Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy

The relation of hemorrhoids and pregnancy

The hemorrhoids during pregnancy are varicosities of the rectal veins. They occur commonly in pregnancy because the bulk of the growing uterus puts pressure on the veins. Measures taken early in pregnancy to prevent their occurrence are key

What Causes Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy

to reducing their incidence as well as severity. The manifestation of hemorrhoids in pregnancy is brought by the increasing weight of the mother and the growing fetus. The pressure and gravity of the body shifts and it affects the lower portion of the body. Most pregnant women are suffering from this condition because of their lifestyle before the onset of pregnancy. Moreover, people are become less aware of the phenomena and suffer from the debilitating agony of hemorrhoids during pregnancy on the later stage. This article will discuss the important aspects such as causes, treatment and tips on how to relieve hemorrhoids.

Factors on how do you get hemorrhoids

The diet is a factor that causes hemorrhoids to pregnant women. The pregnant mother should know how to identify the appropriate diet before, during and after the course of pregnancy. This can determine the possibility of the mother to suffer from hemorrhoids while pregnant. Poor fluid intake is one of the most common causes of hemorrhoids that can affect the pregnant mother. Ideally, the pregnant mother is advised to drink at least 8 – 10 glasses of water. Water serves as the universal solvent of the body helps the digestion process to take place normally. This can promote proper movement of the food in the digestive tract which is altered due to the hormonal activity. Since, hemorrhoids is caused by this phenomenon it is advisable that pregnant women should observer drinking water sufficiently. Another issue concerning the diet of pregnant mother is the low fiber intake. Fiber promotes proper digestion. The same rationale is applied to poor fluid intake. A pregnant mother who fails to eat food rich in fiber is highly predisposes to hemorrhoids.

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Another factor that causes hemorrhoids is physical activity. It is highly recommended for pregnant mother to have regular maternal exercises. This will prevent the occurrence of hemorrhoids.

Ways on how to treat hemorrhoids during pregnancy

There are several ways on how to treat hemorrhoids. Although this common pregnancy discomfort diminishes after the gestation but there are possible and harmless treatment for hemorrhoids. This includes body positioning. Resting in a modified Sim’s position daily helps to reduce the discomfort of hemorrhoids. The pregnant mother must be informed to assume a knee-chest position at the end of the day to reduce pressure on rectal veins. Because this position can result in light-headedness advise the pregnant mother to start by doing this for only a few minutes and gradually increasing to 10 to 15

What Causes Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy
What Causes Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy


Another treatment for hemorrhoids in pregnancy is stool softener as well as application of witch hazel or cold compresses to relieve pain. This can help the mother to eliminate waste product easily. Keep hemorrhoids reduced by using a well-lubricated gloved finger inside the rectum. Then tighten the rectal sphincter to support the hemorrhoids and contain them within the rectum. The most effective and efficient treatment for hemorrhoids at home is to apply ice packs for reduction of swelling, if preferred over heat.

Tips for hemorrhoid relief during pregnancy

Most doctors will advise the pregnant mother to follow healthy diet which is rich in fiber. If the pregnant women suffer from hemorrhoid, eating fruits such as pineapple and papaya are ideal for hemorrhoid relief. This can also prevent constipation. The occurrence of frequent constipation can cause hemorrhoids. Resting on the left side with the hips and lower extremities elevated to provide better oxygenation to the placenta and fetus. This tip is considered as an effective and safe hemorrhoid relief for pregnant mother. Another tip involves non-pharmaceutical hemorrhoid relief that can help the pregnant mother prevent this condition. Discussion with the doctor regarding the prescribed intervention is recommended.

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Recommendations on how to prevent hemorrhoids in pregnancy

Health teaching is very important for pregnant mother who suffers from hemorrhoids. What do hemorrhoids look like is similar to cauliflower that occurs on the sides of the rectal opening. It can occur on the internal or external part of the rectum. Depending on the varicosity of the vein, the severity of hemorrhoids has its own distinctive interventions. Part of the health teaching is to discuss about what do hemorrhoids look like, interventions, and preventive measures. To make it more specific, below are the recommended preventive measures:

  • Describe ways to avoid constipations;
  • Caution the pregnant women against prolong standing and wearing constrictive clothing;
  • Suggest the use of topical ointment or anesthetic if allowed;
  • Encourage the use of witch hazel compresses;
  • Teach the pregnant women to perform sitz bath or apply warm soak;
  • Encourage the pregnant women to lie of her left side with her feet slightly elevated.

These recommendations must be incorporated with what do hemorrhoids look like and how it must be catered with medical intervention.

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