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Pregnant Women in the Workplace

Pregnant Women in the Workplace

The woman’s experience in terms of pregnancy is merely a good thing and it is definitely very special part of being a woman. It is totally unbelievable, but it is true that a woman carries a fetus within her womb for nine months. All throughout these months, it is essential to keep up your baby healthy and safe in and out of your workplace. Your workplace could be a strenuous place for pregnant women, depending upon the job that you are working. It would be essential for you to be fully aware about the hazards within your workplace. This way, you could surely avoid the risks.

On the other hand, for some areas of the society, women occupy similar social standings just like men. They are also

Pregnant Women in the Workplace
Pregnant Women in the Workplace

provided with similar rights. Unluckily, there;s 100% in equality, which hasn’t been reached yet. One of the areas in which it is visible in the area of both employment and the employment law. More often than not, women are discriminated against the workplace upon the basis of gender for the reason that the issues are all connected to pregnancy or the probability of being pregnant women.

Pregnancy discrimination law

Do you have any idea about women discrimination in the workplace? Well, certain situations that involve pregnancy discrimination or the gender discrimination in the workplace has become a severe thing within the United States. With such, the government of the US passed the act of Pregnancy Discrimination in 1978. This act has been attached into the title VII of 1964’s Civil Rights Act, working with the protection of the rights of those women who have been discriminated within the workplace. The only thing is that, even with the passage of pregnancy discrimination act, pregnant women rights and gender discrimination in the workplace, women still continue being discriminated against their workplace and passed over for their jobs just like that.

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Maternity leave

At some point, women would then run down into problems when they are trying to get their maternity leave. This thing is simply essential for ensuring that new parents would have the chance to bond with their bundle of joy. Unluckily, employers merely ignore that this time and give their employees false information when it comes to getting maternity leave.

If you are one of those pregnant women in the workplace, the first step that you should do is by informing your employer about your pregnancy. Some of the tasks that you normally perform might not be suitable during your pregnancy. Your boss may just adjust the kind of tasks you do normally and reduce the risk of injury for you and your baby. Getting much of

Pregnant Women in the Workplace
Pregnant Women in the Workplace

exposure to the chemicals could simply affect the health of your fetus. It is essential for you to ensure that you are in a safe environment and free from the fumes as well as hazardous chemicals. There must be healthy and safe training guidelines in which pregnant women in the workplace should know.

Pregnancy could also be a tiring moment in your life and there could be lots of days wherein you could experience more on morning weakness and sickness. You must figure out from your employer if there is merely a room wherein you could rest for a little while. Keep in mind that stress and fatigue could surely trigger a miscarriage or an early labor. This way, you should stay rested even though you are still working.

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Keep yourself fit

To always keep yourself hydrated, you need to keep up a bottle of water right at your desk. This would surely help in limiting your trips to the water cooler and would prevent yourself from being dehydrated. Most of the women who are then experiencing pregnancy from the very first time are being embarrassed when it comes to asking help from coworkers or colleagues. Trainings for health and safety could surely encourage pregnant women in the workplace to ask help and share the load of works with their coworkers. Whenever your baby has been delivered, you should spend some time away from your work and let somebody cover your tasks.

It would always be best for you to consult your coworkers who would be the one to take over for you while you are away. This way, you could surely help them in understanding all of your responsibilities and tasks. There has to be women equality in the workplace wherein you are working on.

There are Safety and Health training experts who have confirmed that pulling, lifting or pushing up heavy load can definitely cause unneeded stress into the fetus. You should have somebody to do the heavy tasks for you. This way, you could easily maintain healthy and safe milieu for your baby. You must even consult your employer and the HR department in terms of knowing the benefits, so as the facilities being offered for the expectant mothers. Considering knowing everything about pregnant women in the workplace would be best for you to consider. This way, you would be sure enough that you can deliver a healthy baby.

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