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Dying Hair While Pregnant – Is It Safe?

Pregnancy and hair dye

Dying Hair While Pregnant - Is It Safe? One of the most trending fashion styles is dyed hair. There are many pregnant women who loved to change their hairstyle. This includes dying hair while pregnant. Most of them use this method to keep their stunning looks. There are pregnant mothers who sport brunette, auburn and natural blonde hair that are not satisfied with their hair color. However, speculations about hair dye involve the threat of the chemicals from the solution that can harm the unborn baby. There have been various research investigations about hair dyes and pregnancy shows that these can entirely cause congenital birth defects.

Studies about hair dye and pregnancy is insufficient. There are no reports that can support the true effect of these chemicals to the unborn child. Furthermore, the effects of hair dying does not confirm its true influence to the developing baby but most experts are prohibiting pregnant mothers to dye their hair during the first trimester. At this point of pregnancy, the baby’s organ starts to develop. Any harmful substance that can have direct contact with the mother can affect the organogenesis of the baby. This can cause several birth defects in the future.

Doctors will suggest postponing your coloring hair session after the delivery of the baby. There are some doctors that can recommend you to dye your hair during the second trimester. Our recommendations will stick with the safety of the baby though there are no supportive explanations about the effect but special precaution is our virtue.

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There is hair dying substance that contains two coal tar ingredients. In 1978, the FDA implemented to put warning labels on every hair dyes solution which has this ingredient. According to the research studies from national Cancer Institute, they have found that clinic rats which are fed with these compounds has greater chance of developing cancer compare to clinic rats who are free from it.

During their studies, these clinic rats were ingesting large quantity of two coal tar compounds. However, the method used is oral wherein the topical approach was not given priority. Other research investigation shows that coloring hair solution with minimal percentage of this substance can be absorbed through the skin and scalp. This can go to your blood stream and eventually affect other important organs including the unborn baby for pregnant mothers.

Manufacturers of dyes stopped making hair coloring agents that contains these harmful substances but they used other compounds with similar effects.

The effects of coloring hair while pregnant


There are many queries related to hair dye during pregnancy. Some may involve the effects of the solution used for dying hair while pregnant. There is no certain proof that could testify the effect of these dyes to the baby. Only a minimal amount of the hair dye solution is being absorbed through the scalp. This minimal quantity is not enough to harm the growing baby inside the womb.

There are no related cases of birth defects that are caused by hair dyes. Another research was made to the clinical animals that are exposed to these dyes with large amounts compare to the regular coloring hair session. The result of the studies shows no representations of any abnormal defects to the fetal development of the animal. However, this study is very limited and there are no sufficient studies that could continue sly support the hypothesis. Therefore we settle with avoiding of dying hair while pregnant to prevent further complications.

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Tips for coloring your hair during pregnancy

  • During the first trimester you need to avoid hair dying.
  • Use a hair dye solution that could remain in your scalp for a very short period of time.
  • Use your gloves when you apply dye solution.
  • Thoroughly rinse your hair after coloring.
  • Use frosting or highlighting method. The chemicals in the hair dye solution are less likely to have direct contact with your scalp. This can prevent your skin to absorb the solution.
  • Use henna. There are hair dyes which are made of botanical products. Henna is a dye made from vegetables and considered safe for pregnant mothers.

These recommendations will guide you to effectively groom yourself with harming your unborn child. There are no specific studies that can support the effects of coloring hair while pregnant. However, you need to understand the possibilities of having problems to your baby. Although it is not definite for hair dyes solution to directly influence the development of the baby but we can optimally change our view of grooming by focusing on other options. Hair dye makes you look elegant but you need to prioritize the safety of your baby. Otherwise, you can still enjoy dying your hair while pregnant but you need to follow the directions and recommendations for better and safe pregnancy period.

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