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Reliability Of Chinese Baby Gender Predictor

Reliability of chinese baby gender predictor

The Efficacy of baby gender predictor

There are many speculations that have swirled the community with regards to the accuracy of chinese baby gender predictor. There are two sides of the story and like any other things this issue has pros and cons. The chinese calendar method is being practiced during the ancient times in the imperial of China. It was recovered by chinese scientist who accidentally discovered the manuscript stipulating the chart in the majestic tomb about 700 years ago. The place is found near Beijing China and the retrieval of the manuscript surprised the people during that time. It is without a doubt that the

Reliability of chinese baby gender predictor
Reliability of chinese baby gender predictor

manuscript talks about the chinese fertility calendar which was made by astrologers who based their studies and investigation accordingly to the manifestations of the starts and constellations.

The Traditional Belief

People during that time believe that the chinese pregnancy chart is very accurate in determining the gender of the baby. This method is exclusively used by the imperial members of the royal family. Although there are factors that affect the result of the interpretation however most of it were believed to be caused by some negative forces as claimed by the historians who completely described the practices, beliefs, norms, tradition and customs of the old folklores. The main reason why this chinese prediction calendar was made because during the old times, China needs more boys because they are lacking of worker and soldiers. Girls stay in the house and waits until they got married. That is the social role of boys and girls during that time. That is why Chinese scholars have established this chart so that they can able to make baby boy instead of having a baby girl. This method is very popular and the easiest way to detect the gender of the baby.

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The Modern Belief

Today it is being used by people across the globe as a method of identifying the gender of their baby. However, this method does not have any scientific explanation that could support the reliability of the technique. In other words, this procedure is mainly to entertain people as well as to buy their own curiosity about the influence of chinese in terms of this practices. There are many people who keep on searching for the reliability of chinese baby calendar. According to the recent issue released by the American Association of Maternal and Child Health, they stated that there are no method which is more reliable than the ultrasonography in terms of identifying the gender of the baby.

Not even the chinese calendar used for identifying the baby’s gender. This article does not aim to contradict the beliefs of ancient chinese but this is to clarify the speculation. There are rumors that have swirled the thinking of people. Most of their perception towards it believes that there is over 90% accuracy of the chinese pregnancy chart if used appropriately. However, according to the census made by some researchers in 1999, they found out that the accuracy rate for this method is less than 75% only.

Anyway having 90% of accuracy percentage may still have at least 10% for room of errors. This could only mean that the reliability of this chart is not enough to provide us with precise result in identifying the gender of our baby. Therefore, we still go back to the modern, safe and most reliable way in detecting the gender of our unborn kid. That is ultrasonography.

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The Influence of Chinese Baby Gender Predictor to Everyone

Sometimes, it is very tempting to try the chinese baby gender predictor with the use of the calendar because of its very interesting history. However, we have to always remember that this is just a guide for us but it is not the best method that can provide us with definitive result. In other words, we can always try this one for our own curiosity but we don’t rely on it. Finally, in my own opinion I have tried this one for my own sake and curiosity. Out of three nephews I have only one of them were able to meet the exact result if I based on the chinese calendar. It is a matter of coincidence wherein the chances of getting the correct result even if we follow the proper instruction is very minimal. It may sound fun and you can experience it as well. You can also try it and tell your friends and family about it. This could somehow buy your idle time since it is very interesting to know if you found out that you are supposed to be a boy instead of a girl while you base all the information using the chinese prediction calendar.

The Chinese calendar used for predicting the baby’s gender may sound reliable to those who believe it but even it is practiced for more than couple of centuries, there are still no studies supporting it.

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