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Predict baby gender with Chinese gender prediction chart

The Gender Prediction Chart and its influences

Predict baby gender with Chinese gender prediction chart There are numerous pregnant mothers who wanted to know the gender of their baby. It is a common thinking to a certain family that having a baby is not just a simple responsibility. A role that challenges their skills in parenting is practiced. Most of the parents are excited to know about the gender of their baby. It is because they are eager to plan ahead of time when it comes to the selection of things for their future baby. Most of them are listening to the advice of people. Advices that can help them to plan the needs of their unborn child is being prioritized. The most common advice is the ultrasonography which is the most reliable and socially accepted method of identifying the gender of the baby. However, there are people who still exist to believe with the traditional method of identifying the baby’s gender. One of this is the gender prediction chart that originates in China.

Historical Overview of Chinese Gender Predictor

The chinese gender prediction chart shows the exact illustration of identifying the gender of the baby. This is based on the vast knowledge which is in scripted in the manuscript unearthed in one of the oldest grave of a majestic tomb. This practice is exclusive for the use of Chinese imperial and royal member until it the information spread all throughout the world. Now, even in the internet people can access the chinese pregnancy chart for their own perusal. The main purpose for this is to provide option for people who do not want to undergo procedures such as ultrasound, amniocentesis and chorionic villi sampling.

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The chinese prediction calendar entails the list of numbers which pertains to the age bracketing from 18 to 35 (common age of women who got pregnant) and reflect to different months of the year. In order for the person to utilize the chinese gender predictor calendar, they must have the correct details about their pregnancy. This includes the age of the women when the conception began and the month of conception. By the way, we have an ability to predict the date of conception by using of some data about your last menstrual period. For this purpose we have developed the online calculator of conception date. In case that they were not able to recall the exact month of conception they may use the chinese baby gender calculator. This way they can compute the current age of gestation in order for them to identify the month of conception.

They have to consider the possibility of having the expected date of confinement may range from 2 weeks before the exact date or 2 weeks later. It is just a matter of basic math wherein if the pregnancy advanced then they have to add the days but if the pregnancy progresses late then they can subtract the number of days. In order for them to use the chinese baby gender calculator to get the accurate result, they can follow the naegeles rule of computing the expected date of confinement.

How to Compute Baby’s Gender?

They should be aware of the exact date of their first day of the last menstrual period (LMP) then subtract 3 months, add 7 days and 1 year. With that, they will able to identify the expected date of confinement. For example:

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The LMP of the pregnant woman is 06-12-2012 (June 12, 2012) 06 minus 3 equals 3. 12 plus 7 equals 19 2012 plus 1 is equal to 13 so the exact date of confinement will be March 19, 2013 (03-19-2013). You can also try doing and computing your own EDC. This way you can have an idea on how to use the chinese baby gender calculator. It is easy and fun to know things like this. It could add up to your knowledge. But when things is being related to the chinese gender predictor calendar things might go to different directions. I have gathered many information pertaining to the use of this method and based on my investigation I found out that most of the people used this method is just for fun and enjoyment only. Since most of them have tried doing it and few situations are positively accepted based on the calendar.

The Verdict

This method is not scientifically proven but only a presumption used by older people. Most of them believe that this is based on the position of the stars and constellation as explained by some astrologist who carefully studied the impact and influences of astrology to the birth of the baby. But this could not still justify the efficacy of chinese pregnancy chart. Therefore it is up to the reader on how they are going to understand the purpose of this method.

As for my final say, I would rather choose a technique that could assure us in terms of identifying the gender of our baby. Using the medical tools that have been approved to provide accurate result will eventually help us to achieve a clear picture of our baby’s gender. It is the best for our needs.

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