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Life Changes During First Trimester of Pregnancy

When a woman becomes pregnant, she should develop a motivation to look after her body for her baby. All we know that every pregnant woman feels both emotional and physical changes during her first pregnancy moments. This article was written to explain the nature of these changes by usual language.

We all know that when a growing fetus develops inside the womb of a woman, there are many aspects of the mother’s life are eventually changed. One if this is the physical aspect. Below is the list of altered organs and other body changes that are due to the growing fetus during the first trimester.

The List of Changes in the Physical Aspect


  • Uterus
    One of the main organ that has a dramatic change is the hormonal activity and uterus. A missed menstrual period or scanty mentruation can be one of the early pregnancy symtomps. There are many women who are confused about this incident but they are not all aware that this is an alteration in the normal functioning of the hormone. The uterus grows like a grapefruit. This is one of the effects of changing hormonal activity.
  • Vagina
    When a woman becomes pregnant, her vagina changes it color. It usually turns from blue to violet. This is due to the increasing supply of blood in that area. The vagina also becomes thick and soft. There are presence of vaginal secretions which becomes more prominent as the pregnancy periods progress.
  • Breast
    The breast becomes tender. This is because of the increasing blood supply and the pitutitary gland starts to produce prolactin that stimulates the mamary gland to produce milk. A prengnant woman may experience a tingling and pricklink senstation in the first trimester. This is normal, and it is an indication that the hormonal activity is responding normally to pregnancy. Sometimes women, may characterized this as a swollen breast.
  • Bladder
    Due to the enlarging uterus, the woman’s kidney are being compressed. A compromised kidney eventually can also affect its other parts. This includes the bladder. A pregnant woman may feel an increased urination frequency. This manifestion usually occur at the first trimester and it ceases in the next following three months. The main reason for this, is that that the uterus begins to rise from the pelvis part wherein it gives space for the compromised bladder. Women is encouraged to take more fluids even if they suffer from increase frequency of urination, because this can help them to keep their kidny to function normally.
  • Digestion
    Another common alterations in the woman’s body during the first trimester is their digestion process. Woman who suffers from morning sickness is because of the increasing Human Chornionic Gonadotropin. This hormone eventually affects the parasympathetic nervous system that stimulates the body to respond with the increasing hormone. One of this bodily responses is feeling nauseated. A pregnant wqoman may suffer from this condition usually at the morning. The only advice that we could give them is to monitor the frequency and amount of the vomitus. Eat crackers to normalize the acidity of the stomach which in turn can also increase the episodes. If in case that they are suffering from intense vomiting that includes blood or previously eaten foods, they should see their OB Gynecologist for more medical intervention.
  • Skin
    Another sign that could affect the well-being of a woman especially their self-esteem is the changes that can occur in their skin. Several hormonal activity can also activate the Melanocyte (cell of the skin which is responsible for the pigmentation). This in turn can cause several skin pigmentation changes such as Linea Negra (a dark pigmentation that usually appear at the midline of the abdominal area), chloasma or the mask of pregnancy (dark spot that occurs at the face) it is sometimes called as melasma. Other pregnant woman suffers from acne. This condition is due to the hyperactive hormonal activity. It is not recommended for them to use treatments for acne because it exposes their fetus to different chemicals that can affect the development of the baby.
  • Fatigability
    A woman may experience fatigue during the first trimester. Their body suffers from malaise or feeling tired. It is normal and part of the first trimester period. A pregnant woman is advised to have mild exercises such as brisk walking in the morning.
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Emotional Changes during the First Trimester

It is normal for a pregnant woman to suffer from emotional distress. This is because of the physical chancges that occur during the pregnancy. There are woman who becomes self-centered. They wanted to feel that they are being loved by theior husband. They feel ugly and forgotten. That is normal but this should be intervened because if not, this can evevntually develop into a more severe emotional conflict. The mood changes form time to time. This is because of the hormonal activity (estrogen and progesterone) the woman sometimes tend to be happy and all of the sudden, they get mad. Family should understant the situation of the pregnant mother and tries to provide her with comfort and support. This way, they can help the pregnant woman to cope with the changing events of her life.

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