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Why it is necessary to Visit the doctor with your partner?

Every other article that is on pregnancy is usually about the mother’s care to pregnancy however what most people do not know is that there are quite a few web sites that put light on the dad’s guide to pregnancy. This article will provide the dad’s with the best prenatal care advice regarding how to take care of your lovely wife and the unborn baby in terms of looking for a pregnancy doctor to knowing each and everything regarding how to make sure that your wife and baby are top notch every step of the way. One thing that you should know regarding pregnancy is the fact that it is the father who needs to provide each and everything for the child, amongst which include looking for your pregnancy doctor and planning your first prenatal visit, which are of immense importance.

The importance of choosing the perfect pregnancy doctor

The well being of both your wife and the baby depends on how qualified and experienced your doctor is in terms of providing the best prenatal care since a slight error can lead to high risk pregnancy dangers. A few years ago going for the first prenatal visit was thought of as being the mother’s job and the father to be wasn’t involved in this entire visit in any matter. Not just talking about the first prenatal visit but all the prenatal visits, the father was nonexistent in this entire process and most weren’t even present at the time of labor. However, nowadays most gynecologists focus on including the father in every step of the way. The father’s involvement is so stressed that some gynecologists even say that it is the father’s job to look for a pregnancy doctor that will provide the best prenatal care.

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Basic information regarding prenatal care and first prenatal visit


This article will aim to provide fathers to be with all the necessary information they could ask for regarding doctors and prenatal visits, in order to escape from the high risk pregnancy dangers that can be faced by mothers to be.

  • Usually the average amount of routine visits to the gynecologist for a thorough checkup of the baby’s growth would be fifteen in number.
  • These visits will usually take place at least once a month up to the twenty eighth week of pregnancy after which these visits will increase to three to four in number up till the thirty sixth weeks.
  • In the last month these visits will increase greatly and will be unpredictable especially in the last month. You should always know regarding when to plan these visits if you want to avoid any high risk pregnancy problems. Though the doctor knows when to schedule these visits, it is always better to be informed and to create your own prenatal appointment schedule at your home or work place.


How to choose the best pregnancy doctor

Choosing the 1st doctor will be a new experience hence you should be extremely cautious.

  • What you can do is to look for a qualified doctor and interview him regarding the amount of successful deliveries he or she has had. From this you can ensure the success rate and hence the doctor’s experience.
  • It is always better to go for pregnancy doctors that a friend, family member or colleague has had prior experience with. This way choosing a prenatal doctor and planning the first pregnancy appointment will be easier for the father to be.
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It is true that if the father to be is working, it will be difficult for him to be part of each and every appointment, but it is strongly stressed that he should take time out of his busy schedule since this pregnancy time period is only for a brief period of time. However, if the father cannot make it to every single appointment then he should at least be present in the very first visit to the doctor and at the time of ultrasound exam. These two visits are extremely important and should not be missed out on as this experience will never come again.

You should know that the visits to the doctor ask for a physical exam of the mother to be and a thorough check up of the baby. You should make a list of these things every time you visit the doctor and note down updates after every visit to keep track of the pregnancy period. The physical exam of the mother to be involves taking blood sample, urine sample, blood pressure check, measuring the weight of the mother and the baby and ultrasound of the baby to check its growth, development and position. Another thing that is included in the physical exam includes an internal pelvic exam which is usually done by inserting the hand into the vaginal cavity to check the positioning of the baby and how diluted is the internal lining. Usually these tests are performed in front of the father to be and can be alarming as it is an awkward sight. Try reading up on it and gathering information regarding it to make sure you aren’t taken aback.

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