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Dad’s Guide to Pregnancy – What a Man Should Do for His Expectant Wife

Dad’s Guide to Pregnancy - What a Man Should Do for His Expectant Wife Is your wife pregnant? Well, it may not be an easy thing. There would be lots of emotions that may overwhelm your wife or even you. This could be with pains, frustrations and even with the complexities involved in terms of carrying child for about nine months. Men should always know everything about this, most especially about what to know about pregnancy and as to what to expect during pregnancy.

If you are a new father and you don’t have any idea about the things you should do for her, then you may need some of the tips.

Listen, Help and Answer her calls


  • Listen – women always need their man to listen to them, and it’s just so important for you to give this one to her in this new phase of her life. You should always be there to hear her woes. You must sympathize with their worries, listen, and hear what she’s saying in a very sincere manner. This thing should always go for pregnancy for dad to be.
  • Help – as an expectant father, keep in mind, there is no better time for a woman to pick up the vacuum cleaner, do the laundry, make your occasional supper and wash down the dishes. Women are just so tired and need help. If you don’t want to be the victim of pregnant onslaught and frustrations, then you need to ensure of helping her out around the house. For side notes, you must compliment her of how he had helped you, though he don’t do it like the way you do.
  • Answer her calls – if she is somewhat craving for food (so-called pica disorder), no matter how strange it maybe, you must never talk her down about it. Just get out, start driving, and look where you can find that food she’s craving in.
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Date her out and be romantic

  • Get a date with her – though she’s bearing a baby, it doesn’t really mean that you are already off the hook and so, you would not take her out on date. Prepare some dinner date, watch movies or browse some books and get some drinks, as this would make her feel secure and relax.
  • Be eager – if you feel that your wife is so overjoyed in terms of parenting class, then you should try yourself to share with her excitement. Even though faking your enthusiasm, you need to do it. Keep in mind that she may think that if you lack the excitement, it may only make her feel that you are not excited about your child at all. This would never be a good thing for your wife.
  • Show romance – your wife needs to know that you love her, whether she is pregnant or not. The only thing is that, giving her much of attention and romance could simply help for smoothening all of the hard days she’s getting through. There are just lots of things that you can do to please her and you need to do it as a father to be.


Treat her like a Queen

  • Get her on a spa – within a month or two or just before the baby is due, you need to surprise her with a good spa treatment. This could be a manicure and pedicure or some massage that could help her for reliving the pains of pregnancy.
  • Get her relax – there are many stresses in life and it comes in both emotional and physical manners. You must look out for ways to help your wife relax a bit. You can simply prepare a relaxing bubble bath for her, even give her the some shoulder or foot rub, or simply surprise her with things she love. As her man, you should know that.
  • Get some service – well, it goes like booking for a housecleaning service for her. Right at the month when the baby is on due, and she is already out for shopping or visiting for her baby shower, you must schedule some professional cleaners to clean up your house. Giving her fresh and clean home could simply make a very big difference for her.
  • Buy her new clothes – buying her like maternity clothes could be one of the best things you could do for your expectant wife. It could surely help her accept and embrace the changes in her body. You may simply take her into the mall and just let her take all of the time that she wants just like trying on jeans and even with shirts.
  • Let her feel that she’s beautiful and still amazing – pregnancy makes her feel some sort of ugly and you don’t want her to feel that way. So, you must always remind her of the things that you love about her. This will surely make her feel wonderful and delighted.
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Doing those things mentioned above could surely help you and your wife to get through this phase happy and successful.

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