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Dad’s Guide to Pregnancy – Things Dad Should Know

Dad’s Guide To Pregnancy - Things Dad Should Know So, your partner is now pregnant. Do you have any idea about what she’s going through? Do you have any idea how much she needs you during these times? Well, there are just many things you must never ignore and you need to fairly consider them. As an expectant father, there would be lots of questions running on your mind, it can be by what to expect during pregnancy and what to know about pregnancy. However, you don’t have to get yourself too much stress from such thing, as there’s just better guides for pregnancy for dads and as a father-to-be, you have to get them.

On the other hand, to make things easy for you, it would be a good thing for you to consider some of the things below. It will help you survive through the fear of pregnancy and on how a first time dad could be a good one. These pregnancy tips for dads are simply applicable for everyone, so you can have it as your reference as well.

Get used to it


Right from the time she had announced her pregnancy, she would then become the center of attention. Keep in mind that it will not be you. So, you should get used to it. Whenever the baby comes, they would become the center of attention and it is not you. So, get used to it. Take this tip, your house is something too small and it would be smaller when the baby arrives, so prove that your brain is not that small and you think wide.

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Moreover, is this the first time that your parents would now become grandparents? Well, you should get ready for some sort of ambivalence. There would be no such thing as young grandparent. Thus, you have to give them some moment to deal with the shock you have given to them. Apart from those, your wife would seem like wanting to use birthing center, or make use of a midwife. She may even want to go for doctors, she didn’t want an epidural or scream for epidural, cesarean may or may not sound good for her. Well, whatever it would be, you need to agree with her.

Cope with the changes

For childbirth, it could be Lamaze, but for football, it may be yoga. Well, one thing you can do. Just do it. Apart from exercises, there will be some weird things you may notice from your pregnant wife. It would be like her smelling sense maybe so much sensitive. You are also not a coach her, but people would tell you that you are. The only thing is that, there would come a time when it is the right time to shut your mouth and just let her finish everything, After then, you could step right and cut it out.

If an expectant father spends money on clothes for some time or has plans of buying a new flat TV, it would be best for him to cut it up, as he needs to focus much on his baby. You need to buy a crib, a car seat, strollers and some baby stuffs. Your personal needs should be set aside for some time and just get back to it, when everything that your baby needs has been provided. Buying new tires also is a need, it is not a good thing to drive with your baby and just end up having flat tires in the middle of the way.

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During the first few weeks at home, right from the hospital, father to be should learn the right way of handling a baby. You must do it the same way on how your wife does it. Changing your baby’s diaper is also necessary. Keep in mind that your wife bears your baby for nine months, so, a little way of helping her like doing this would be very much appreciable.

Whenever you heard that breast-feeding could ruin how the breast of your wife looks, well. Don’t believe such. Her body would surely turn to normal when both of you got through such phase of life. Moreover, being a good dad to be is being measured on how you take care of your child. So, start it off with this thing.

You must never mind those sleepless nights and never blame your wife or your baby while he or she cries in the middle of the night. That is normal and every family came from such phase of life. It’s for you to survive on it, but you should and should always be.

You want to be the best dad to be, aren’t you? So, to prove it, then start out with carrying those tips in mind. A happy and satisfying family is composed of a mother, a father and their bundle of joy. Always keep that in mind.

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