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Dad’s Guide to Pregnancy For The First Trimester

Dad's Guide to Pregnancy For The First Trimester It is the obvious fact that woman is the one who gets pregnant but in actual father to be and mother to be both are together involved in it. So while a dad to be doesn’t know how to handle every situation, he can help her just by listening and supporting her. Always remember that pregnancy for dads is as difficult as of mother.

First Trimester of Pregnancy


The early pregnancy comes with lots of wonder and sometime a kind of fear for an expectant father and mother. However, if you stay behind your partner, concern about all those things through which she is going on, and supporting & listening to her, makes the journey of father to be more exciting during pregnancy of his wife. The journey of pregnancy for dads is also as difficult as of mother. It is true that pregnant woman feel both physical and mental changes but a dad to be also goes through a lot of mental changes.

The first trimester of the pregnancy is very crucial for both the expectant father and the mother. This trimester includes first 12 weeks which are counted from the first day of the previous menstrual period. The early pregnancy is very amazing not only for mother but a dad to be also enjoys it a lot. Everything appears as new and exciting to both expected mother and father to be. Understanding this trimester of pregnancy week-by-week helps father in understanding how to take care of her during this exciting period of time.

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What to Expect during Pregnancy Week by Week

If you both are planning for a family and understand what to know about pregnancy then here is pregnancy tips for dads that helps the expectant father in understanding what to expect during pregnancy.

  • One week pregnant
    The beginning of new life is yet to come about. During the 1st week the body system of your wife is ready for ovulation producing the necessary hormones. This period of time is not only important for your wife but it is also important for you in terms of eating and healthy habit. You should stop doing the unhealthy habits like stop alcohol drinking and smoking. Try to involve routine fitness program in your daily life. It is also suggested that you and your wife should gone through a check-up before you plan a family.
  • Two weeks pregnant
    The body of your wife is now preparing a new inside layer to keep your baby for the entire pregnancy period. Also the ovaries are likely to release the matured eggs. This means the base is ready and the baby is expected. At this period of time, you should continue with your healthy habits and helps your wife in conceiving.
  • Three weeks pregnant
    In third week of first trimester of pregnancy the joining of sperm and the eggs takes place in fallopian tubes and thus your wife might go through some kind of spotting known as implantation bleeding. Extend your help to your wife as when she needs it.
  • Four weeks pregnant
    In week-by-week pregnancy process, the fourth week of pregnancy is the period of time when your wife can perform a urine test. Assist your wife in pregnancy test and join her to share the happiness and excitement.
  • Five weeks pregnant
    In this week your wife may experience mood swings and her breasts get swallowed because of multiplication of milk glands. Assist her to deal with these situations.
  • Six weeks pregnant
    Your wife might have pica eating disorder for certain kind of food. She might feel dizziness and morning sickness. This week is very crucial for the development of your baby. It’s your responsibility to give her healthy food and arrange food for which she is craving. Try to make her calm and happy.
  • Seven weeks pregnant
    In the 7th week the dizziness and morning sickness get reduce but the mood swings and weakness remains. Thus your job of making her happy and calm should continue and listen and support her whenever she require.
  • Eight weeks pregnant
    In the week-by-week pregnancy process, the 8th week shows some changes in the face and other body parts of your wife. The development of baby takes place very fast. You should go for a routine checkup of your wife and ensure her nutritional diet as well as your diet.
  • Nine weeks pregnant
    The same thing discussed above will go on with your wife in the 9th week. The mood of your wife may change from happy to cranky mood instantly. Enjoy this period of time and assist her to cope up with it.
  • Ten weeks pregnant
    The bump may be appear and this is the time when actually a father to be realization comes. So, enjoy this moment of 10 weeks with your wife and share excitement and happiness.
  • Eleven weeks pregnant
    After gone through a prenatal test of your wife, pamper yourself to a calming evening. Finally, you are also in receiving end. Now there is no more fear of miscarriage. Celebrate this moment of 11 weeks pregnant with your wife or throw a party with your friends.
  • Twelve weeks pregnant
    Your wife is now in better situation. Her morning sickness gets ended and she will feel much better. Begin the activities that relax both of you, start the evening walks, and enjoy music and helps in her work. With the 12 weeks the journey of pregnancy for dads is now gets little easy as compared to first weeks of pregnancy.
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First trimester is the initial stage of pregnancy where it depends upon the father that how much he want to involve in his baby’s life as well as her expecting wife’s life. Only saying this that you will be a good father and husband during pregnancy is not enough. For this you need to involve in it as early in the pregnancy as possible. Always remember action speaks louder as compared to the words.

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