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Sexual life during the last weeks of pregnancy

It’s all about sex during pregnancy

Sexual life during the last weeks of pregnancy There is nothing more pressing than sex in pregnancy. It may sound unusual for everybody but actually sex plays a big role in the pregnancy period. Aside from the religious and medical perspective, every pregnancy begins with sex. There are certain factors that can affect the sexual intercourse during pregnancy. These include:

  • Your current belief regarding sexual intercourse;
  • The belief of your partner about sexual intercourse;
  • The physical component of your pregnancy period;
  • Emotional component of your pregnancy period.


The importance of sex for pregnant women


There are several rationales why pregnant sex is more enjoyable despite of it being practiced by couple occasionally. The medical explanation of sex is due to the raging hormone (progesterone and estrogen) activity that fluctuates during pregnancy. These hormones affect sex in pregnancy helps to lubricate the vagina. The engorgement of the genital parts allows most people for attaining orgasm for the first time. Others claim to have reached multiple orgasms.

There are people as well who believes that sex when you’re pregnant is not pleasurable at all. It is because they believe that the baby inside the womb might get hurt. They may feel nauseated at times. Easy fatigability can also occur to some woman who wanted to have sex while pregnant. Others just think it as an awkward feeling.

The perception about sex during pregnancy may vary from one individual to another. In order for you to make a clear explanation and help you decide whether to have sex or not is through:

  • Research;
  • Discussing with your health care practitioner;
  • Talking with your husband or partner;
  • Asking other people about their response to sex in pregnancy.
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It may be inappropriate for others but sex can also give you advantages. Just make sure to discuss it with your doctor and ask for their opinion. Since not all pregnant woman may have the same condition as with others. You should expect that as pregnancy progress, your body also changes. If you used to be thin when you are not yet pregnant, then expect that you will be having a baby humps or big belly. It may be very awkward for the part of the woman, but man finds it very desirable and erotic. You can also discuss with other experts with regards to appropriate pregnant sex positions.

When discussing about sex, you need to reflect with yourself about your outlook to pregnancy questions related to sex. Most pregnant woman may ask “can you have sex when pregnant?” This question oftentimes occurs to most women. Sex is a part of couple’s life. It is how they can intimately please each other. There is nothing wrong with pregnant woman who try having sex with their husband. It has something to do with fulfillment. All you need to do is to explain things to your partner about your thinking towards sex. You can also ask your health care practitioner about the precautionary measure for sex if you have obstetric complications.

Below are the common sexual manifestations that occur in pregnant sex:

  • Cuddling becomes intensified;
  • Relaxing baths should be reinforced;
  • Romantic dinner or meal must be initiated;
  • Prenatal massages;
  • Mutual self-pleasuring activity such as masturbation.
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The hormonal activity during pregnancy period fluctuates. It also plays an important role in the physiologic response of the body as pregnancy progresses. Making love is not prohibited when pregnant unless you are considered as a high risk pregnant mother. There are various pregnant sex positions that are appropriate for couples.

Sexual intercourse can also vary according to the stages of pregnancy. In first trimester, pregnant woman who are normally feeling nauseated and easily fatigue is because of the hormonal changes. This makes it more undesirable for them to have sex with their partner. In the second trimester, the abdomen grows as the baby develops inside the womb. At third trimester, the desire for sex may diminish as well.

Typical sex positions in pregnancy

These are the common implications of sexual intercourse that varies according to trimesters. It’s a matter of how pregnant woman should think about sex. The sexual life during pregnancy is not that intense compare to sexual life before pregnancy. Below are the common pregnant sex positions that are appropriate for pregnant woman:

  • Woman above man;
  • Spooning position;
  • Side lying position with knees pulled up;
  • Dog style with man should execute rear entry.

There are certain obstetrical complications which prohibits sexual intercourse. These include:

  • Placenta previa (low lying placenta at the cervical os);
  • Abrutio placenta;
  • Premature contractions;
  • Premature rupture of the membrane;
  • Currently with sexually transmitted infection.

It is best for you to ask your doctor with regards to your condition before engaging to sex. Most of the time, pregnant sex positions can’t help you enjoy sex if you have these conditions. All you need to do is to is to do self-pleasurable activity or any form of sex without penetration.

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