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Main Things to Do in the Last Weeks of Pregnancy

Main Things to Do in the Last Weeks of Pregnancy

Few weeks from now, you will be giving birth to your baby. I know that you are feeling anxious about the labor process. It’s normal to do so but you need to prepare yourself physically and emotionally to be fit enough for the delivery. Normally, we are preoccupied with the outcome of your pregnancy. Nevertheless you can still come up with other things to do during the last month of pregnancy. As the partner’s body changes during the previous months you need to remember that a 9 months pregnant mother is classified as full term. 40 weeks or 9 months pregnancy is a very long time for you to endure the discomforts. Now you are faced with the labor and delivery hence, you have been thinking of it through the last month. Anyway, I have here some important things to prepare during the 39 weeks pregnant period.

Monitoring your health status

Health condition is very important aspect within months of pregnancy. The 9 months pregnancy period requires you to have sufficient dietary needs not only for you but for your baby as well. Taking enough foods is not optimal enough. Instead, you need to talk to your doctor about the possible supplements that can help you arrive from the right amount of nutrients for your baby and yourself. Vitamins, minerals, protein and other important nutrients can help you physically fit until the last month of pregnancy. What do you need for a baby? There should be enough nutrients for the development of their body and organs. A 9 months pregnant mother should have enough rest and energy to bear the labor process and to deliver a safe and effective childbirth.

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Preparing for labor and delivery

At 39 weeks pregnant period, you should be thinking of the things for your labor process. If you can still bear the discomfort and the initiation of labor has not yet occur, feel free to buy the following things:

  • Survival pregnancy kit;
  • Baby’s clothes and items;
  • Supplements;
  • Blanket and extra beddings.

These are the common things that you need to prepare at this period of time. You need to bring all the necessary results of your previous tests such as laboratory and ultrasound. You might need it. The 9 months pregnancy period is about adjusting with the labor process and preparing for the delivery. Therefore, you need enough rest and support system from your family since it will be you last week of pregnancy. You need to secure your checklist before baby arrives at home because after the delivery, you will have the will but you don’t have enough energy to think and do things as planned. You can ask someone

Main Things to Do in the Last Weeks of Pregnancy
Main Things to Do in the Last Weeks of Pregnancy

whom you trust like your husband, partner or other members of the family to prepare the things to do before baby arrives at home. As the baby’s head fixed to your pelvic joint and contractions are getting intense then you are now having labor and be ready for the delivery.

Preparing for the arrival of the baby at home

The pregnancy & childbirth involves the preparation for the arrival of the newborn at home. This is another thing that you should plan ahead during the last month of pregnancy. A 9 months pregnant mother is recommended to make plan and preparation for it before the initiation of labor. This way, they can maximize and use the time before the delivery and prepare for the upcoming challenges. A 39 weeks pregnant mother to consider is the travel system. Hospitals will not release the baby unless the folks secure the travel system of the baby. This is to make sure that they are capable of carrying the baby with safe and secured travel seat. By this time, at your 9 months pregnancy period or earlier, you should look for someone who knows how to install the travel seat system in your car. You can also ask from your friends for advises and options. Always remember that when choosing a travel seat system, this should be secured.

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Cleaning up the nursery room for the baby should be done during the early month of pregnancy. You can also delegate some important tasks to other members of the family at full term pregnancy in weeks which makes you more focus with the labor and delivery. Things such as baby’s clothes, diapers, crib, baby tub and other important baby’s item should be ready. Our partner should take hold of the responsibilities with things that forbid pregnant mothers to perform.

These things should be secured as part of the preparations within pregnancy month will help you to make this experience safe and effective. You also need to consider that there are things which may require your partner or other family member to participate with. Cooking foods in your behalf, doing some tasks such as paying bills and preparing for the baby shower needs cooperation from the entire family.

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