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How to Prepare Your Children for Newborn Arrival

Recommendations in preparing the older child for the new baby

How to Prepare Your Children for Newborn Arrival Having a new baby requires adjustment for the entire family. The mother should always consider the feelings of her other children especially when the newborn babies arrive at home. There are some resistances when it comes to the acceptance of the baby from other siblings. This is a normal situation but it needs intervention to prevent conflict between siblings. Here are recommendations to allow other siblings adjust with the changing role:

  • Explain to your other children about babyhood. You explain to them how they were born and fed before. Through this, you will be able to let them know that they have been through the same stage with the new baby.
  • Share some photos of the child when they are being cared as baby.
  • If possible, you can bring your children during your prenatal visit. Allow them to listen to the fetal hear tone and let the feel the movement of the baby inside your womb.
  • You can also provide them with a dummy doll and teach them how to take care of newborn babies too.
  • Coordinate with someone whom you can trust your children while in the hospital. Make sure to explain this to your children before you labor.
  • Plan ahead and prepare the nursery room for the new baby so that other children know how to adapt.
  • Make sure to put the photo of your children inside the nursery room where they can easily see it.
  • Explain to your children about the possible appearance of the newborn babies. You can use books with various images of the baby and baby names and meanings. You can also explain to them about the capabilities of the babies.
  • Make sure to let your children cope with the changing role by simply giving them some simple tasks. If your children longs for your presence before they sleep, you can record your voice and read their favorite story. You can also initiate a long-distance contact approach by calling them through mobile phones. This way, they will easily learn your voice and get used to it.
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Recommendations for involving your other children


  • Allow them to help you pack newborn baby clothes.
  • Let them choose the baby names and meanings of it.
  • You can also let them to help you pack your things before hospitalization.


Recommendations for making the arrival of the baby a special one

Once the baby arrives at home, the entire family member will be showing different reactions. Others might accept the changing family role, some might refuse or resist from it. Nevertheless, as a mother you need to emphasize the importance of the coping mechanism by doing these recommendations to make it special for the baby and for other children to start accepting the real score.

  • Once home, let your husband carries the baby so that you can welcome your other children with your open arms.
  • If you have planned this ahead, you can celebrate the arrival of the baby by having a party.
  • If possible, allow your other children to send invitations to other people and accept newborn gifts.
  • Let them explain the baby names and meanings to other people. This way, they will start to accept the presence of the baby.
  • Allow your children to select the newborn baby clothes. Through this, you are helping them to become responsible of themselves.
  • If there are newborn gifts, let them help you to unwrap for the baby.
  • Always remember to remind your visitors to greet your children first before approaching the baby. This is to prevent conflict between siblings.


Recommendations for involving your children in taking care of the baby

By this time, you are now letting other children to assist you with taking care of the baby. By doing so, the acceptance of the new member of the family becomes easier.

  • If possible, let your children bring the newborn baby clothes. You can also ask them to prepare these clothes and arrange it in the cabinet.
  • Help them to take care of the baby by showing the proper way of feeding, burping and changing the clothes of the baby.
  • Always smile to the baby but make sure to explain this to your children that the baby appreciates your welcoming approach.
  • If possible, you can let them hold the baby but reinforce supervision.
  • Always ask your children about their needs and wants before you cater the needs of the baby. Let them feel that they are special for you.
  • You can also share some of the newborn gifts to your children. This is to let them feel that they are part of the event and as a member of the family, being older should be emphasized by acknowledging them even with their simplest task.
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