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How to Enjoy Your Final Weeks of Pregnancy

How to Enjoy Your Final Weeks of Pregnancy

We all know that once the baby arrives, you will be busier taking good care of the baby. This will automatically affect your lifestyle and your schedule will be influenced as well. That is why, we are recommending you to enjoy the last weeks of pregnancy by doing the following activities:

Meet your friends and socialize

At 37 weeks pregnant, you can still enjoy outdoor activities by meeting up your friends and socialize. You can invite them to watch movies, go shopping, eating foods and chilling to a café. This way, you can also share your experiences for the last month of pregnancy and ask them for some advices. You can also ask for their experience about last weeks of

How to Enjoy Your Final Weeks of Pregnancy
How to Enjoy Your Final Weeks of Pregnancy
pregnancy symptoms and how they managed to cope with it. This way, you will learn new things which are applicable to your situation.

Having a relaxing prenatal massage

At 38 weeks pregnant, you can enjoy prenatal massage. This way, you can manage to ease your exhausted muscles. This is the best time since you need to prepare for the upcoming labor process.

Going out to the beach

If possible you can also enjoy going out with your family in the beach. During the last weeks of pregnancy, you can go out with your family and enjoy the warmth of the sun. You can also start enjoying this activity for the last 10 weeks of pregnancy until the 40 weeks pregnant. As long as the baby is not compromised and you are still able to do so, then be glad to go out and feel the moment with your baby at the beach.

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Doing solitary activities

At 39 weeks pregnant, you should enjoy doing solitary activities. At this moment, you need to spend time for your baby. You can read books, listen to music, and other indoor activity. Just make sure to avoid strenuous activities which can cause problems in the future. The last three weeks of pregnancy is very crucial. That is why you need to take extra precaution for yourself and the baby. You should also consider cleaning the nursery room for your baby. This way, your imagination and eagerness for the baby will be maximize.

Attending private prenatal classes

As part of the pregnancy health, we recommend you to look for someone who is licensed to provide you with prenatal classes. The purpose for this is to provide you with sufficient knowledge and preparation for the last 2 weeks of pregnancy. This includes the techniques for labor and the common signs that normally occur during the labor and delivery. It can enhance your awareness, thus limiting the anxiousness. You can also start this activity at the last month of pregnancy.

Enjoying with natural living matter

At 40 weeks pregnant, you will start to feel some changes to your body. As the baby descends, the activity becomes limited. At this point of time, we recommend you to enjoy looking at the trees, plants, flowers, fishes and other living creature. This way, you can divert the common symptoms that occur from the last four weeks of pregnancy. It helps you to stay focus and prepare for the delivery and arrival of the baby.

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Painting an art

Another very convenient way to enjoy the remaining weeks of pregnancy is through painting. Just make sure to use non-toxic paint which is not dangerous for you and your baby. Painting is one way of helping yourself to divert the common discomforts of pregnancy. Ideally, you can enjoy this activity at 37 weeks pregnant period.

Planning of the baby’s room

Another very exciting activity is to plan the room of your baby. This includes the design, paint, arrangement of the room and other things needed for the nursery. You can start doing this at 38 weeks pregnant period.

Planning of the baby shower

Baby shower serves as the first event of the baby. By doing this, you will be able to focus on other activities instead of draining yourself with the common aches. Ideally, we recommend you to start planning it at 39 weeks pregnant period.

Eating healthy foods

As part of the pregnancy health, you need to eat nutritious food. As much as possible avoid eating foods that are rich in fats, sodium and sugar. You can also enjoy preparing foods that are easily cooked. Take note that once the early labor begins, you will no longer enjoy cooking foods.

You can also do some other activities as long as it is allowed by the doctor. Spend time for yourself starting from the last month of the pregnancy up to the last weeks of pregnancy. Just always remember that as time goes by the discomfort becomes imminent. As early as 37 weeks pregnant period, you should start doing these activities. You need to enjoy the remaining days before the arrival of the baby. 38 weeks pregnant mother will be preoccupied with the hospitalization and a 39 weeks pregnant mother will think of the upcoming labor and birth.

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