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Top-10 Baby Shower Gifts

When you get a baby shower invitation, the first thing that you always ask yourself is what are you going to take as a gift. If you have been invited in a baby shower, it is imperative to purchase good baby shower gifts. Most parents have a good idea of what; they are going to take as a gift. But, for those people who do not have kids, they have no idea about baby shower gifts. Below is a list of top ten great baby shower gifts that you need to purchase incase you have been invited for a baby shower.

A bouncer seat is a good baby shower gift for a newborn baby. There are other bouncer seats which come with toys and they are used in soothing the baby. It is good to soothe the baby for a few months. Thou, babies do not use this cute baby shower gifts for a long time; it is one of the best gifts that you should consider buying. The advantage of this gift is that, it is portable.

Play Pen

This is another perfect baby shower gift. These pens are portable and they are good for keeping the baby busy while you are in the same room. The baby can take naps and play around where you are.

High chair

A high chair is a perfect gift. The chair is mostly used in the house but some of them end up occupying a lot of space.

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Car seat

If the parents of the child have a car, it is not a bad idea if you purchase a car seat as a baby shower gift. But, before purchasing the seat, look for one which is convertible.


This gift is good because it will be used most of the time.

Baby Swings

Swings are very important cute baby shower gifts because they are used in soothing the baby. Babies like the motion of the swing and like looking at the mobile. Soothing helps the baby to be content.

Baby bath

In the first few months, the baby must be bathed. Before purchasing a baby bath, you should look for a baby bath that is going to be secure for the baby.

Diaper bag

Diaper bags are perfect baby shower gifts for mom, and the baby. The mother will use the bag for keeping all the items that the baby will require for outings such as lotions, baby powder and many more. Before purchasing diaper bags, it is imperative to check, if the bags have been made from magnetic snaps or zippers. Zippers are good compared to magnetic snaps because they will secure all your personal belongings even if the bag is toppled. A magnetic flap bag is not going to help. You also need to check the construction of straps, whether they are comfortable with padding. Also check the material which the bag has been made from is it strong and durable or can it be able to withstand any leak. A very cheap and thin material will appear cute but it will not last for a very long time.

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Baby monitor

This is a good gift because it gives the baby and the mother peace of mind. A baby monitor acts like security for the baby. Today, baby monitors have been made in such a way that, the mother can be able to monitor, the sight and sound of the baby.


Mobiles are the best creative baby shower gifts that mothers can attach to their crib. They are colorful and can be used in soothing or entertaining the baby. The good thing about mobiles is that, they can be found in different colors and they help to stimulate the brain of the baby.

Whether you are a friend, a doting uncle, neighbor, grandmother or aunt baby shower gifts are a good way of tangibly demonstrating love and affection for the little one. Besides the gifts demonstrating love and affection they can also be educational. The gifts help the little one to learn about the world and they also educate the baby in an entertaining way. There are certain toys, which teach the baby to relate to the surroundings for example baby books, foam spelling blocks, puzzles and many more toys. What helps the baby to visually focus and build attention span are the mobiles which hung right above a baby’s crib. Gifts for baby shower like spoons help the baby to learn how to eat using utensils while the soft plush toy and dolls, help the baby in showing affection as well as attachment to others.

There are different types of good baby shower gifts that can be bought on the shop. There are also various types of homemade baby shower gifts that can be taken as baby shower gifts. You can also ask the parents, what type of cute baby shower gifts they prefer so that it can be easier purchasing the gifts. One of the best places to search for the best baby shower gift is online.

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