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Newborn Baby Checklist – Baby Care Supplies

The arrival of a new baby is considered as a very important event and therefore it requires careful preparation. The work begins by selecting an obstetrician, so that the baby’s nursery can be ready. As parents of the baby, there are so many things that you have to do on your new baby checklist before the baby arrives. First time parents have no idea of some of the things that their baby will require and they end purchasing things that are never used. Thou, parents are usually excited to get a new born baby, it is important for the parents to purchase things that the baby will use. Therefore, if you are eagerly waiting for your baby it is prudent to come up with a newborn baby checklist.

There are so many parents, who wait until the baby is born and they start to purchase things that the baby will require. What they do not know is that, when the baby is born they will not have time to go for shopping. Therefore, it is vital for the couples to come with newborn baby checklist before the baby is born. This will make you not be worried of some of the things, that will you have to purchase for your new born baby. Here are some of the newborn checklists for a new born baby.

Newborn Clothes

This is one of the most important things that you should have on your checklist for newborn. Thou, you will get a lot of clothes during baby shower, most of them are big in size and they can only be worn after a few months. Therefore, it is vital to shop for other comfortable new born clothes. Thou, there are different types of fancy clothes in the market today, buy clothes which are made from natural fabric and are comfortable to the baby. One of the best clothes for a new born baby is a one piece bodysuit. There are different types of bodysuits in the market. Choose a color or pattern that is good for you and your baby. Other clothes that, you will have to purchase for your new born baby include:

  • Socks;
  • Nightgowns;
  • Jacket;
  • Sleeveless vests;
  • Cardigans;
  • Booties.
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When purchasing the clothes, do not buy a lot of them because babies grow very fast. If you want to save money, it is great if you purchase clothes from a friend or relative.


Diapers are essential and you will have to use them during the first months after the baby is born. Most parents receive a lot of diapers during baby shower and after the baby is born. It is good if you purchase some diapers and store them, so that you use them later. A good idea is purchasing the diapers of two sizes because the baby is going to grow after a few months. If you like cloth diaper, it is good to make sure that you purchase a few of them for your baby. It is also vital to purchase a diaper bag that you are going to be carrying your baby while taking the baby for a short trip. The diaper should be big enough so that it fits, other baby care suppliers such as bottles, diapers rash creams, extra clothes and baby wipes.

Crib and Mattress

Purchasing a crib is a good idea, if you want your baby to sleep in a different room. Before you purchase the crib, it is imperative to do research about the latest crib safety standards. Besides the crib, you will also have to purchase mattresses because most firms do not offer mattress with the crib. The mattress that you are purchasing should be comfortable. Other things that you will require include:

  • Blankets;
  • Waterproof mattress pads;
  • Sleep positioner.


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Baby bathing items

A new born baby must be bathed in a special way and therefore, it is vital to purchase a good baby bathtub. There are different types of bathtubs in the market which are not only comfortable but also convenient. Apart from the bathtub, it is vital to purchase other things such as brush, baby soap, lotion, towels, washcloths, comb, shampoos and many more.

Stroller and Slings

A stroller is important especially if you like going outdoors. The benefit of using a baby stroller is that, parents are not going to carry the baby, everywhere they go. But, there are some parents, who prefer to use slings for carrying the baby. There are various forms of slings in the market and they are only used outdoors or for carrying the baby while the mother is doing household chores. Therefore, parents can either purchase slings or stroller for the newborn. It is also vital to purchase a car seat.

Besides the things which have been mentioned above, parents can also purchase a digital thermometer, toy, laundry items, first aid kit, formula foods and many more. It is important to come up with a newborn checklist of some of the things, that you new born baby will require. Coming up with a checklist for newborn will help, in ensuring that you do not miss to buy some of the important items, that your new born baby will require once the baby is born.

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