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How to Cure Newborn Constipation

Constipation in newborns is something that is very common in most babies and it is believed that, fifty percent of babies experience newborn constipation. Parents are usually worried when their baby suffers from any type of disease. Newborns have their first movement of bowels within twenty four hours after the baby is born. Studies show that, babies that are breastfeed enough are less likely to suffer from constipation. When the baby starts to breastfeed, the baby is not going to have any bowel movement for three days and this will make the parent to think that the baby is constipated. When a bowel movement happens, it is normal for the baby to strain and it should not be take as a sign that the baby is constipated. What mothers should know is that, a constipated baby will cry when taking a bowel movement.

Causes of Constipation

There is no doubt at all that, constipation in newborns can be frightening especially for parents, who are experiencing it for the first time. In order to treat constipation in children, without any side effects the first thing that you need to know, is what caused the constipation. Baby constipation is caused by several factors. The most popular cause of constipation is the change of breast milk to formula. You can also confirm if the baby is eating a balanced diet. If the baby is passing meconium, three days after being born, this shows that, the baby is not eating well. Another important factor that can cause newborn constipation is the weather. Babies are unable to poop for three days in very hot weather.

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Another cause of constipation in newborns is the formula that, the parent uses in feeding the baby. Babies react in different types of formula especially if you keep on switching from one formula to another. After you switch formula and notice that your baby has started to constipate, it is because of the formula that you are feeding the baby with. The best way of dealing with this problem is by changing the quantity of formula by decreasing the frequency of feeding and increasing the quantity of water that you are giving the baby. If the baby improves when it comes to bowel movements, know that the baby was not consuming enough water. Talk to your pediatrician about the quantity of iron in the formula. Keep this in mind that, babies require more iron and it is essential to use certain amount of iron that, the baby requires before going for a low iron diet.

How to treat Newborn constipation

Constipation in newborns is caused by several factors such as:

  • Change of milk;
  • Change of formula milks;
  • Lack of taking enough fluids;
  • Introduction of formula milk.

But, there are newborn constipation remedies that you can do to alleviate this problem such as:

  • Massaging the baby stomach will help in passing of stools;
  • Taking a bath with your baby;
  • Adding fluids like water will help in softening the tools;
  • Nursing the baby if the baby is having a bowel movement;
  • Feeding the baby with water using an eye dropper but if the baby is capable of suckling a bottle, give the baby a bottle of water daily;
  • Mixing breast milk with flax oil and feeding the baby using a bottle will help in preventing constipation.
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If the condition becomes worse, it is advisable to visit the doctor immediately.

The trickiest thing about constipation in children is identifying the signs and symptoms. An older child is capable of expressing that she or he is having a lot of problems going to the toilet and it is painful. Parents should be aware of the way baby constipation affects their baby. If the baby does not have bowel movement in a day or if the baby is having difficulties in passing stool like bleeding, straining and hard stool the baby is most likely to have newborn constipation.

Another good sign of constipation is body language that, your baby exhibits when the baby is having a bowel movement. If you discover that, the face of the baby is turning red or having a difficult time to pass bowel movement; this is a good sign of newborn constipation. Incase you notice something like this; it is good to visit your pediatrician immediately. Your pediatrician will recommend to you the best measures to take. When your baby is experiencing constipation, parents will be affected physically and emotionally, therefore it is essential for them to get plenty of fiber in their diet so that, they get more energy to deal with their baby discomfort.

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