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The Apgar Score

Apgar score: a test to report health condition of newborn baby

The Apgar Score Apgar score is a scoring method developed to check the health of a new born instantaneously after his birth. It was introduced in early 1950’s by a well known anesthesiologist whose name was Virgia Apgar. Apgar score is given two times to the baby and in some cases the doctors go for third attempt depending on the health condition of the baby. One minute after the birth of the baby this test is first given. Later on after a gap of 5 minutes the test is given again and if the doctors found that the health of the baby is not good then in that case they take the test again for the third time. The first apgar score test that is taken 1 minute after the baby’s birth is meant to ensure that how fit the baby is after bearing the process of delivery where as the second attempt is done to check that how well the baby is after his birth. Basically the purpose of apgar scoring system is to account the health status of a newborn baby after his delivery.

The system of apgar score chart


The apgar scoring constitutes of an apgar chart that contains certain categories that are assigned scores such as 0, 1 and 2. This test is taken by a proficient person such as doctor or nurse. The ranking tells the health condition of the baby such as 0 suggest the worse condition of the baby, 1 depicts a slightly better condition than worse that shows that the baby can survive with an intense care and lastly the score of 2 shows that the baby is healthy.

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Apgar scale of the newborn baby

Apgar scale includes skin color of the baby, his muscle tone, heart rate, breathing, and reflexes. The score rate tells the health of the baby.

  • If the baby is not breathing, his score will be 0. If his respirations are in irregular manner then his score will be 1 and if he cries out really well then his score will be best that is 2.
  • According to apgar test the muscle tone of the infant will get 0 score if there is no muscle tone then that demonstrates that his muscles are wobbly, loose and very soft. The score will be 1 if there is at least some muscle tone. And if his muscles are strong and he moves actively then the baby will get 2 on the apgar scale.
  • In the apgar test the heart rate of the newborn baby is the most imperative measurement that is checked with the aid of stethoscope. If there is no heartbeat of the baby then he score will be 0, in case of slow heartbeat that is the baby beats less than 100 times in a minute then he will get 1 on the apgar scale.
  • In case of reflexes, if the baby gives no reaction then the score will be 0 and if the bay gives expression and there is grimacing the baby gets 1 score. And he will be considered as perfectly fine if the baby gets score 2 but this is the case if he sneezes, cries, coughing along with the grimacing.
  • The last category of the on apgar score chart is the assessment of baby’s skin color. If the color of the newborn infant is pale and blue then he gets 0 score where as if the baby’s body is pinkish where as having blue extremities then the score of the baby on the apgar scale will be 1. And if the whole body of the newborn baby is pinkish in color then he will be considered as normal and healthy and so his score will be 2.
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What is the normal apgar score

The apgar test is introduced to find if the newborn baby is perfectly fine and healthy or needs help to maintain proper breathing and heartbeat rate to his survival. The apgar score to depict the physical health condition of the new baby depends on the entire score that ranges from 1 to 10. If the baby gets lower score then this shows that the baby is having health issues and thus necessitates medical help to deal with these issues. On the other hand the higher the score of the baby’s health on the apgar scale, the healthier the baby is and it shows that the baby is dong quiet well after his birth. The normal apgar score for the newborn infant that indicates that baby is healthy can be 7, 8 0r 9. The highest score is 10 on the scale but most of the babies loose at least 1 point for having blue hands and feet which is a very common case that is faced by the newborn babies.

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