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Spinal Block for Labor Pains

What is spinal block and how it provides relief from labor pains

Spinal Block for Labor Pains Labor pain is the exceptionally throbbing pain that a woman has to go through as labor progresses. To relief the labor pains there are many natural as well as medical techniques that are helpful to trim down the intensity of these pains. When the natural methods are unable to provide relief from the pains of labor then the physicians and the gynecologist recommends the pregnant woman for medical techniques such as epidural injection, anesthesia, and spinal block to control labor pains.

As labor pains are agonizing and insufferable due to which most of the pregnant females have a preference over the natural ways to deal with the pain but some females go for medication in order to deal with these severe pains such as spinal block which is a medicine that is specifically meant to control the pains during delivery of child and is often known as spinal. It is given by a proficient person such as an anesthesiologist. It comprises of anesthesia along with narcotic, but narcotic is not necessarily added. An anesthesiologist pop in the injection in the spinal fluid of the lower region of female’s back. This injection must be inserted into the right place in the right direction otherwise it can cause other threatening problems to the mother as well as to her baby.

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These spinal injections instantly convey the pain relief medicine to the lower area of back that controls the labor pains and for the meantime it keeps the mother on the alert. The spinal block injection numbs the pain area and thus manages the pain during delivery as it is a spinal anesthesia. It numbs the area beneath the mother’s waistline including her legs and feet despite the fact that she may perhaps feel pressure but she will lose the sense of movement in her lower body and so she will not be able to recognize the labor pain. Later as soon as the effect of the spinal anesthesia fades away, she will regain her sense of movement and numbness will get over.

Difference between spinal block injections and epidural


The spinal block injections are unlike epidural. It provides an instantaneous relief but for few hours only. These injections are injected straightforwardly into the fluid of spine whereas the epidural injection is inserted into the skin of the back so the medicine is unable to go in the membrane that covers the spinal cord. Apart from this the spinal block injection that comprises of spinal anesthesia is just given once while epidural is given time after time with the help of a catheter.

Advantages and disadvantages of spinal injections for back pain that are given during labor

The spinal injections for back pain works as a labor pain management technique that blocks the back labor pains. These injections carry few advantages of which the first essential and prominent advantage these injections provide is the full relief from the labor pains few minutes after the doctor inserts the spinal anesthesia into the spinal fluid. Secondly this technique of blocking the labor pain allows a very small quantity of medicine to reach the baby that causes no harm to the baby and keep him safe.

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Beyond the shadow of doubt these injections do have the above advantages but more significantly they carry quiet a number of disadvantages. Such as that, you will require IV and along with it a complete supervision of your fetal constantly to keep an eye on the baby’ heartbeat. Moreover after having the spinal injection to block the labor your lower body will remain numb and you won’t be able to feel any movement and it remains like this until the effect of medication finishes. Another disadvantage it has is that because of the lack of sensation under the lower area of waistline including legs you might feel it difficult to force the baby downwards and as a result it might extend the pushing stage of delivery. Furthermore the spinal anesthesia can sluggish your blood pressure for the time being as it contains drugs, and as the blood pressure rate slows down it can in turn reduce the heart beat rate of your baby which is not a good sign. Also if narcotic has also been added in anesthesia then it might create a feeling of nausea and itchiness particularly in your face area. Moreover the use of spinal block injection can cause pain and scratching in your legs as well as headache that lasts for few days but these cases are not very common. Lastly spinal injection that are meant to control labor pains can also have an effect on your breathing and can also damage your nerve or the injection can also cause infection to mother.

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