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Signs and Symptoms of Back Labor

What is back labor

Signs and Symptoms of Back Labor Going through labor and delivering baby is amid the most excruciating and agonizing experience in a woman’s life but yet beyond the shadow of doubt the most beautiful one too. Having a baby is a blessing from Almighty God despite the fact that it is dreadfully painful but still every woman on the planet wants to go through the experience of pregnancy that ends up to intolerable back labor pains and afterwards to the most astonishingly beautiful moment of being a mother of a baby.

During pregnancy most of the women undergoes back pain that keeps on extending as the time of delivery comes nearer. This back pain can be of two types that are, posterior pelvic pain and the lower back pain. Moreover they might also face back labor which is a kind of labor in which the pregnant woman has contraction of her muscles inside her lower back area along with the back pain. Besides this she can also feel cramping in her back region during the labor.

Several signs of back labor


In order to mitigate the back labor you must need to know the back labor symptoms. There are quite a few symptoms that can be the evidence for having a back labor. These are as follows: a part from back pain, sluggish development of labor or having extended breaks all through the labor is one of the major back labor signs.

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In addition to this having Labor pain prior to the expected date of delivery can be a cause of back labor.

Furthermore asymmetrical kind of contractions during the labor pains that contains elongated time in between them is another symptom of back labor.

Besides all this subsequent to your water breakage if you feel no muscle contractions and tightening then it may be a sign of back labor because in some cases the breaking of water sac can result into labor without having contraction of muscles.

And lastly if it takes more time in pushing your baby down as a posterior baby usually takes more time and more pushes because such a baby will have a larger diameter of head due to which he will require more time in pushing him down during labor.

Reasons that causes back labor and what does back labor feels like

The position of baby towards abdomen of mother can be a major reason that can cause back labor as in result of it the head of baby is set on sacrum which is the tail bone in the human body, when baby head is applied to sacrum then the chances increase of having back labor. In addition to this the baby’s size can also cause pain and uneasiness in the back area of the mother. And if at this point the labor starts then it might be able to also change the position of the head of the baby towards down and causes back labor. But there is a possibility that such position of a baby might not result into labor.

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In case of back labor the pregnant woman feels preponderance most of the pain in her low back region. The back labor causes the most horrible pain not only in the back but also creates an excruciating pain in the uterus along with the strong contractions of the uterus muscles. Apart from the contractions in case of back labor, some women also feels insufferable pain in thighs and legs when they force the baby towards down during the contractions and that’s what does the back labor feels like. Back labor is considered as one of the most atrocious and horrendous experience that no woman wants to experience for a second time in her life.

Back contractions differ from regular contractions

Back contractions are different from the regular contractions. Contractions in the back comprises of severe kind of pains at the lower back area of a woman along with the feeling of having painful cramps in her lower abdomen. Moreover while having these contractions during labor, a woman can barely move at times due to the high intensity of pain. Some doctors say these contractions are the Braxton hicks contractions that are tremendously throbbing. Sometimes while having such contractions a woman might feels as if her baby is hitting her tailbone called sacrum strappingly in a repeated manner and a strong wave of sharp pain is shooting up the bake area followed by a monotonous ache in the back and the back of the baby’s head compresses the tail bone of the mother with every contraction causing an awful pain. That how these contractions are dissimilar to the regular contractions as in case of regular ones the contractions initiates in the back but swiftly shifts to the front area that is underneath the waistline of the woman.

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