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Natural Ways to Induce Labor

Why do we need to induce labor

Natural Ways to Induce Labor When a woman reaches to the end of her pregnancy, she may start searching for some natural ways to induce labor. Natural ways of induction are good ways to arouse labor and to soften the cervix. But one should keep in mind that one should not use these natural ways to induce labor until the due date of delivery has passed. Because if your body is not prepared for childbirth then these natural ways of labor induction will not give you any positive result. And if one try these natural methods of labor induction before due date of delivery, when your pregnant body is not prepared for birth of baby then these methods can create difficulties and complications for delivery as well as for baby. So, one should consult a good doctor before trying these natural ways to induce labor. These natural ways of induction may work for some and for some they may not work. These natural ways are not much reliable and do not give 100 percent results. The major reason of their ineffectiveness is that babies are more likely to be ejected when they are completely prepared and healthy.

Some important instructions to induce labor at home


There are some important instructions before trying any of the natural ways to induce labor like a pregnant woman should get clear knowledge about her medical condition from her doctor. Secondly, one should be ensured that the person, who is doing her treatment, is experienced, well trained and knowledgeable in terms of pregnancy and labor. If that person is not experienced and well trained in pregnancy and in childbirth then these natural methods would be dangerous or risky for pregnant woman in pregnancy as well as during labor. The third thing that one should keep in mind before trying these methods is that one should have complete knowledge and information about these natural ways to induce labor and should also have information about how to naturally induce labor.

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Various natural techniques that helps you how to induce labor at home

There are various methods about how to induce labor at home. Following are some methods which will help you to know how to naturally induce labor.

Pregnant women should use acupressure to induce labor as it is the most relaxed, easy and pleasurable method. It might be helpful in inducing labor. It helps in lessen the ordinary aches like lower back ache. It is an excellent technique for releasing Nausea as well as morning sickness. This process includes some pressure points to induce labor top of your mouth, netting of fingers that lies between your pointer finger and your thumb. These pressure points are also lies in your feet and above your ankle.

The answers to how to naturally induce labor may also include stripping of membrane but this method of labor induction can only be done by well trained and knowledgeable health care giver. In this method the health care giver detaches water bags from the cervix that helps in inducing labor.

Use of herbs is also one of the safe ways to induce labor. There are some herbs that you can use without consulting any doctor to induce labor. In early ages when there were no modern techniques pregnant women used to try some herbs in proper quantities for the induction of labor. But there are some herbs such as blue cohosh and black cohosh, should not be used without consulting an expert because these herbs are more powerful than other herbs.

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Use of raspberry tea leaves is also an answer to How to induce labor at home as it considered as a tonic for uterine. It arouses your uterus and supports labor. You can use raspberry leaf tea anytime after twelve weeks of your pregnancy.

Eating spicy food is another answer to how to induce labor at home. It is considered that eating spicy food encourage your stomach which then arouse or stimulate your uterus in order to start working for labor.

Evening promise oil is also considered as a good natural method to induce labor. Evening promise oil usually comes in capsules form. It helps in softening the cervix.

Walking is also one of the natural ways to induce labor. Walking helps baby in getting a proper position. When baby gets its proper position then head of baby puts pressure on the cervix and as a result of this pressure a hormone released inside the cervix, and later contraction begins due to that hormone.

Relaxation and visualization can also be helpful in inducing a labor. One should try those exercises that give you relaxation during your pregnancy.

Induction massage is also considered as a successful method of induction of labor. In these massages therapists or health care providers usually use essential oils which help to calm and lighten up your body as well as to induce labor.

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