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Hospital Bag Checklist for Labor

Why do you need your personal hospital packing list

Hospital Bag Checklist for Labor Becoming a mother is a beautiful experience no matter the female goes to severe labor pains while giving birth to a child. In order to trim down the stress of all the going to be mothers on the date of delivery it is essential for them to carry a hospital bag to make your as well as your labor-partner day as hassle-free as probable. It is imperative for them to create hospital bag checklist few weeks prior to the delivery day and get the bag packed with all the essential things that they will necessitate for labor and after the delivery of child.

If anyone of you is pregnant then it is suggested to pack your bag with all the possible items that you will require at the eighth month of your pregnancy as after that you might be taken to the labor room any time ahead of your due delivery date.

What to pack for the hospital for labor


Your hospital packing list must include a pregnancy hospital bag that will contain all the things that you will need for labor. Such as, your identity card, license of the driver who will be taking you to the hospital and most importantly hospital paperwork that you need. . Moreover if you have issues of eye sight then do not forget to include your eyeglasses in your hospital bag checklist. Furthermore what to pack for the hospital must also include all the necessary toiletries such as your toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, deodorant, lotion, hair brush, hair band, comb, and a lip balm to moisturize your dry lips. However all hospitals will provide you the basic needed things that include soap, lotion and shampoo but it is always good to take your own things. In addition to all this do take in a bathrobe, some stretchy and comfy suits, slippers and socks in your pregnancy hospital bag checklist. And lastly do not forget to take something with you that will help you to relax such as your cell phone, an iPod to listen music. Besides this you can take some reading stuff for yourself because you might get a lot of time before your labor is in progress.

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What to pack for the hospital for your partner

While your stay in the hospital your partner would also be staying with you at this special moment. He must also require some imperative items for him as well that must include toiletries, comfortable shoes, some snacks for both of you. Most importantly do keep your camera along with the memory card and a charger so that someone can record your baby’s crying and this special event. Additionally what to pack for hospital must also include some money or your credit cards to pay for the hospital bills and for other necessary things.

Things to include in your labor bag checklist

After your delivery process you might want to change the hospital gown, so it’s always better to add it in your pregnancy hospital bag checklist. Also include the list of your relatives along with their phone numbers and a prepaid card so as to spread the great news to your special ones. Moreover you will undeniably get exhausted after the delivery process and you might be really hungry after giving birth to your baby. So always include extra snacks in your hospital bag checklist because you might don’t want to go for hospital cafeteria. Also include relaxed nursing bras along with breast pads because there are chances of leakages in the initial days after the birth of your baby whether you go for breast feed your baby or not. In addition to this do include few comfortable underpants, although hospital will offer you underpants but it’s preferable to carry your own. What more you need a good outfit that you can wear while going back home and make sure that there is a plenty of sanitary pads back at home.

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What to pack for the hospital for your baby

Firstly get a car seat for your baby before the delivery date so that you will not have to face last minute troubles as hospital will not allow you to take the baby without having a car seat. Moreover your baby will also need good comfy going home clothes that must also include baby socks, a pliable soft cap and a soft blanket if the weather is cold.

How to bring on labor naturally rather than by alternative methods

It’s always preferable to bring on labor naturally rather than inducing medically. There are several techniques for how to bring on labor naturally. These include acupuncture that will help to arouse energy in your body. Moreover castor oil also stimulates tummy and uterus and it will help you how to bring on labor naturally. Besides this spicy food and curry and pineapple also helps in stimulating energy and it will stimulate uterus. These are all the techniques of how to bring on labor naturally.

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