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Risks and Benefits of Water Birth Method

Risks and Benefits of Water Birth Method

Water birth method is where pregnant woman delivers the baby in a bathtub or basin that is full of warm water. The first recorded account of underwater birth was in France, in the year 1805. The woman was then reported to be exhausted right after 48 hours of labor. Right after being placed in the bathtub, she will be revived and able to give birth to a healthy baby. In that event, water birth has been promoted being natural and a safe method of labor, not to mention that it gives relief to pain as well as relaxation.

Moreover, water birth is a leading alternative to the conventional bed delivery being practiced by most of the hospitals in the United States. The exact number of water births is somewhat unknown due to the lack of literature and record of the birth. As of 2001, it is actually known that, 143 hospitals in the United States were providing some water childbirths as the delivery option. Since 1984, the Waterbirth International has been keeping up their own records of water births, which topped last year.

There are actually lots of reasons why women choose to consider underwater birth. Most of the women around consider conception, pregnancy as well as labor to be a personal and natural processes that do not really need any sort of intervention from the medical monitoring or any analgesics. Women would actually feel that they are alienated within a hospital by lack of personal attention or by delivering their babies in the wards. A lot of

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Risks and Benefits of Water Birth Method
Risks and Benefits of Water Birth Method

women simply find it distracting to be in another place, with bright fluorescent lights as well as the stream of some unfamiliar faces. Any of these anxieties could actually raise up the level of stress of a mother and increase their perception of pain as well.

At some point, some people find what’s good with giving birth in water, yet there’s just some who find the bad in it.

Water birth pros

  • Relaxation – the water has its relaxing effect, warmth and support that could help you throughout your labor. Your contractions could lose down their pulse if you have become tense. It only means that your labor would stop and start without you moving. Giving birth in water is likely to assist you in going well with the contraction, so they are less nerve-racking for you and your baby. Being relaxed could actually help you to calmly breath. It only means that you are likely to take shallow and short breaths that could only make the contraction pain worse.
  • Control and privacy – when you are in the warm water, you are in your very own world and could freely labor without being disturbed. If you have dimmed lights and your room is a quiet one, the effect is simply highlighted. It could help you in feeling more in control of your body.
  • Coping – feeling the warmth that water brings could make it very easy for you to cope with the contraction pains. It is fairly similar as having a bath for soothing your abdominal pain or backache. If you really want strong relief from pain, just like epidural and pethidine, you would have to leave the pool. However, you could always use air and gas, which is a mild reliever of pain, while you are in the birthing tubs.
  • Satisfaction with your labor – by giving birth in water, labor would all become a positive experience that most women want to use again whenever they have their next baby.
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Water birth method cons

  • Infection – there could be a risk of infection by giving birth in water. As you push your baby, you may have open up your bowels, which is normal. With such, the debris will be cleaned out clearly by the midwife. However, this thing introduces the risk of infection. The only thing is that, birth in the air is also not sterile and most of the babies would simply take on organisms from the bowels of their mother during birth.
  • Unlikable Environment – you may feel a little uncomfortable about opening your bowels accidentally when you baby arrives. The idea of your midwife having to sift the debris out of the water to keep it off clean could be a little unpleasant for you. However, you should always remember the midwives are used to these things. There’s no need for you to worry about it.
  • Pain Relief disappointment – with home water births, you may find that being in the pool would not really make your contractions a little less painful. If your plan is to spend labor and natural water birth, it could be somewhat uncomforting to get out, so you could have medicines for pain relief.
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