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How to Stop Breastfeeding

Why it is important to breastfeed

How to Stop Breastfeeding The decision, on whether the mother, should stop, breastfeeding, or not, is up to the mother. How to stop breastfeeding is a simple process, for both the mother and the child. The first thing that, the mother needs to know is the emotional and physiological advantages of breastfeeding. When you are learning of how to stop breastfeeding, your body is still going, to be producing more milk. Below are vital information of how to stop breastfeeding, without pain and when to stop breastfeeding.

There are so many reasons why, mothers are encouraged to breastfeed their own child. Apart from the emotional bonding that takes place, there are also important factors. During breastfeeding, the mother and the baby become close and the child feels secure.

How to stop breastfeeding

One of the common ways of stopping breastfeeding is by weaning. It is easy to wean a baby compared to a toddler, because the baby must use the bottle, if there is no other choice. Incase, the mother takes the breast away from the baby, the baby is going to eat from somewhere else. Another great way of how to stop breastfeeding is to stop nursing and substitute with a bottle. If the mother was nursing for two hours, the mother should begin nursing after three hours and then after four hours. During this period, the baby is going to eat, instead of you giving the baby your breast give him a bottle. When feeding the baby with a bottle, it is good to hold the baby close to you, just like you are nursing. You should do this for several weeks and your milk is going to decrease. Besides that, the baby is going to be used in using the bottle.

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How to stop breastfeeding a toddler

If you want to know how to stop breastfeeding a toddler, you have to be patient. The older the toddler is, the more he is going to understand. But, if the toddler is in the middle stage, the more difficult it is going to be. There are some toddlers, who are usually aggressive, when you inform them that, there is no more nursing. There are others, who grab their mother’s shirt and pull it so that, they can be nursed. Others cry and request their mother to nurse. In this kind of situation, you have to say no and do something that is going to distract their mind from nursing. You can wean the toddler the same way you wean a baby. Not all kids are the same, there are some who will take long to wean and others will take, a short time to wean.

If you are trying, on how to stop breastfeeding quickly and you are feeling pain around the breasts. Take a hot shower; this will help the breasts to take out excess milk. Incase you take shower and you are still feeling pain, take out some milk through pump, this will make production of the milk, to reduce and it will make your body to adjust. You can also put cold compress around the breasts. Chilled cabbage leaves are best because they bring comfort and they release an enzyme, which helps to stop lactation. How to stop breastfeeding is not a process, that takes place in one night, it requires time for you and your baby.

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Ways that mother should not practice to stop breastfeeding

There are ways that, mothers should not practice to stop breastfeeding because they will affect you physically and emotionally.

  • Medication. There are some friends who will advice you that you should take medication. These drugs may have side effects and they may end up, preventing you from producing milk again. The drugs can also lead to mastitis because the milk ducts are going to be blocked.
  • Weaning by separation. This is something that is mostly recommended by elders. Weaning by separation is whereby; the mother stays away from the baby for almost one week and comes back, thinking that the child is going to forget about breasting. This method is not good, especially for the baby because it might cause emotional impact to the child. The child might not forget, about breastfeeding and it might make matters worse.
  • Sabotaging breast milk. This is whereby, the mother puts something bitter on the nipple so that, the child does not like the taste. This method will have an emotional effect on the baby. It will make the baby to suffer from abdominal harm because the baby is going to taste strong substances. Use a technique of how to stop breastfeeding that is less traumatic for you and the baby.

Before you consider when to stop breastfeeding and how to stop breastfeeding quickly, it is essential to consider, what is good for you and your baby. What is good for you and your child might not be good, for another child or mother. You need to know some of the tips of how to stop breastfeeding and take them into consideration. You can also talk to a health expert for more advice.

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