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How to Increase Milk Supply

Why it is necessary to increase breast milk supply?

How to Increase Milk Supply How to increase milk supply is a question, those most nursing mothers, have been asking because they are usually worried, whether the baby is getting enough milk or not. One of the reasons why, nursing mothers, go for weaning is because of insufficient breast milk production. Thou, there is a small percentage of women, who cannot be able to increase breast milk supply, no matter what they do, but the cases are very rare. Nursing mothers should produce more milk to their baby, even if the mother supplement with formula. Most mothers think that, their milk supply is very low and in real sense it is not. If your baby is gaining weight out of breastmilk, then you do not have any problem with milk supply.

Increasing milk supply is a demand and supply process. Nursing mothers, who want to increase breast milk supply, it is essential for them, to understand how milk is made. If they understand, how to increase milk supply, this will help them to do the right thing that will increase breast milk production. Here are some of ways to increase milk supply.

  • Nursing mothers should ensure that, the baby is nursing well. Incase the milk is not going to be removed, efficiently from the mothers breast, then your milk supply is going to decrease. Using nipple shields and various anatomical problems will interfere, with the ability of the baby, to transfer milk.
  • Mothers should take a nursing vacation. Mothers should take the baby to bed for two to three days and they should not do anything else, apart from nursing.
  • Mothers should breastfeed both sides. It is good to switch sides after every feeding.
  • The baby should only be given breastmilk. If the baby is young than six months, things like solids and water should be avoided completely. Mothers should also reduce, giving the baby solids foods.
  • When the baby is sleeping the mother, should take enough rest, eat a balanced diet, do not force your self, to drink liquids or more water; this is not going to help in increasing milk.
  • As you nurse try to massage the breast gently.
  • Use the right breastfeeding techniques
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Causes of low milk supply

There are various causes of low milk supply. The technique, which works in one mother, is not the best for another mother. This is because the technique, which is used in increasing milk supply, depends on several factors like breastfeeding management and many other factors. Techniques of how to increase milk supply are effective, especially if they target, the causes. Some of the factors that contribute to low milk supply include:

  • Supplementing. Milk is produced when the baby nurses and the amount that the baby is going to nurse, will let the mother know how much milk is required.
  • Nipple confusion. One thing that most mothers, do not know is that, there is a difference, when a baby sucks a bottle and breast. If you give a baby a bottle to suck, your baby is going to have sucking problems at the breast. It will also make the baby, to like the constant flow of milk of the bottle.
  • Pacifiers can lead to nipple confusion. They will also reduce the amount of time that the baby spends, on the breast and this will make your milk supply to drop significantly.
  • Nipple shields can also lead to nipple confusion. They will also reduce stimulation, to your nipple or interfere with the supply of milk.
  • Stress or if the mother has a cold may reduce your milk supply.

Foods which increase breast milk

How to increase milk supply can be accomplished, if you adopt good eating habits that will increase breast milk supply. When it comes to increasing milk supply, diet is always overlooked. Diet is one of the most important components in increasing breast milk supply. There are some mothers, who neglect their nutritional needs and food because of the high demands, of having a new born child. Most mothers are usually overwhelmed, when they start changing diapers or visiting the doctor frequently and this makes the mother, to be exhausted by the end of the day.

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A nursing mother requires five hundred calories daily. Mothers should also drink water daily so that, they can replenish fluids during breast feeding. Nursing mothers should drink coffee, soda or caffeinated drinks. These drinks help in increasing breast milk supply. The ingredients found in the drinks contain caffeine. If nursing mothers consume caffeine in large amounts, it will have negative effects on the baby and them. Therefore, if they are drinking caffeine, they should drink in moderation like one cup. Other foods, which will increase milk supply include:

  • Brown rice;
  • Avocados;
  • Beets;
  • Carrots;
  • Barley.



If you have tried different of how to increase milk supply and there is no progress, you need to contact a doctor. This is because there might be a medical problem that is causing this. Nursing mothers, can get more information on how to increase your milk supply and some of ways to increase milk supply online or by reading magazines.

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