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Can You Get Pregnant while Breastfeeding

How to increase your fertility while breastfeeding

Can You Get Pregnant while Breastfeeding There are so many women, who are struggling hard, to become pregnant, when they are breastfeeding but most of them, are usually surprised by a pregnancy, that they were not planning for, because they think that breast feeding, will stop them from becoming pregnant. Mothers who have been asking whether, they can get pregnant while breastfeeding, the answer to this question is yes, but there are secrets of getting pregnant while breastfeeding that, they should be aware of. It is possible for a nursing mother, to get pregnant while breastfeeding, for the first six months of the baby’s life.

The hormone which produces, milk is known as prolactin and it suppresses menstruation as well as ovulation. Once the hormones of these levels begin to drop, you will start to ovulate again. Prolactin levels can only be lowered incase, you start to reduce feedings. Another good way of how mothers can reduce prolactin levels is by teaching the baby to sleep, the whole night without feeding. You can suppress ovulation, incase you feed the baby six to eight times daily. Reducing the number of feeding, as the baby grows will help in fertility.

What if you do not experience periods

Nursing mothers, who do not experience periods while breastfeeding, during the first six months, prolactin hormone is going to clear them, from bloodstream quickly, once they reduce the number of feedings. Your period will come back, if you reduce feedings or if you start weaning the baby. It is hard to conceive when the baby, is less than six months and you are breastfeeding. If you breast feed your baby, during the day and night, your menstrual cycle is not going to start again, for up to one year after you give birth. If the baby sleeps early during the night at an early age, you are going to become fertile quickly within three to eight months. The more often the baby breast feeds, the longer it will take, for your menstrual cycle to start again.

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The reason why this happens is because breastfeeding and period curbs hormones which trigger ovulation. There are some mothers, who use breastfeeding, as a way of birth control, but they should be careful, if they are using this method. Even though, they might not menstruate for several months, their body releases postnatal eggs before they receive their first period. They will not know whether they have ovulated until after they menstruate. Nursing mothers who want to use breastfeeding as a birth control method, it is advisable for them to follow lactational amenorrhoea method.

Is it important to wean your baby?

Getting pregnant, while breastfeeding is possible, if you wean, the baby. The best time to wean the baby is during the night, because the baby is going to be effective in triggering the body to start ovulating. Supplement the baby with solid foods and reduce feedings. It is not a must for you to stop breastfeeding to get pregnant. Incase you are becoming impatient and you do not want to wean, there are a few things that you can do. Women who are most likely to get pregnant are those who are pumping, you can replace a few feedings with breast milk that has been pumped.

During pregnancy is breastfeeding safe

The body of a woman was made to give birth to children and to produce milk. Breastfeeding and pregnancy can complicate things, but it is vital to consult with your doctor. During this time, it is vital to eat a healthy diet, because the body is going to be nourishing the baby that is developing in the womb. During breastfeeding and pregnancy, you will have to nourish yourself. Getting pregnant while breastfeeding requires, patience. The good news is that, most nursing mothers who try to get pregnant most of them succeed, especially if they know their fertility status or if they are charting. Nursing mothers, who require fertility treatment, have to wean before going ahead. It is important to talk to your doctor, if you want to know more about fertility treatment and breastfeeding. Mothers who want to know how to get pregnant while breastfeeding, it is advisable for them to visit a doctor or read articles online. By doing this, they will get tips about getting pregnant while breastfeeding and other important information that, they require.

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