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The Best Sexual Positions To Get Pregnant

The Best Sexual Positions To Get Pregnant Many people are looking for the best position to get pregnant, and they should know that they are not so different from the positions you currently use to make love. As a general goal, it is important for the sperm to be deposited as close as possible to the cervix. While you can remain pregnant using any kind of position that allows releasing sperm into the vagina, there are some best ways to get pregnant and you should know the sex position to increase pregnancy chances.

Myths and facts about the best sex position

When it comes to good sex positions, there are some pregnancy facts and myths. A wrong conception is that you must make sex all the time, as the chances to get pregnant are increased as long as you are making love numerous times. However, this is a wrong conception. When you are trying to get pregnant, you should use the best sexual positions only when you are ovulating.

Once you have identified the best period to get pregnant, you can start trying the positions and getting pregnant.

Is there a best sex position that guarantees that you will remain pregnant?

There is no proof that a certain position can guarantee the result of getting pregnant. It is considered, although it is not proven, that some positions will push the sperm deep into the vagina, creating a good environment for the conception process.

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How to get pregnant: The missionary position

It seems like the most used sexual position has the biggest chances of getting pregnant, as it favors conception. The penetration is deep, and the sperm is deposited close to the cervix

The position from behind is another interesting position that favors a deep penetration and positions the sperm close to the cervix.

The spoon is the position for which the women sits on one side in the bed, and the men penetrates her from behind. The penetration is not deep, but it is extremely comfortable. This way, the man is able to “perform” more, and a larger quantity of sperm is produced during the preparing stage.

Other interesting positions to use while trying to get pregnant

On the bedside

This position is able to boost your chances of getting pregnant. For this position, the woman stands on the side of the bed lying on her back, while the partner penetrates standing on his legs. It allows a deep penetration, and it favors the maintaining of sperm in the vagina, especially if the woman stays in the same position for a few minutes once the sexual intercourse is over. This position will increase your chances of getting pregnant, and it is considered as the most effective one besides the missionary position.

Important things to remember for sexual intercourse

Usually, the women that were not able to conceive for a long time are stressed when it comes to determining the most fertile period of the month. As soon as they feel the ovulation, they will ask the man to have sexual intercourse. Because of stress and other problems, the woman is not able to get involved in the act as she must. The best position to get pregnant is important, but if you stress your husband with phrases like “Get it over with” or “Are you done?” The best ways to get pregnant are to make love as you have made the first time. After all, you would like to remember the day when you have conceived your child as a great memory, not as a stressful day when you were watching the clock.

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It is important to have orgasm to increase the chances of getting pregnant

Achieving an orgasm while conceiving is not a mandatory component. However, as you are using the best sex position to increase pregnancy chances, you might have orgasm, and this is not wrong. There are some theories sustaining that the orgasm can favor the ovule to be moved to the urethral tromps, and this is a good think. Therefore, it is not wrong to have orgasm while trying to conceive.

Other things to remember while having sex to conceive

Even if you are using the best sex position to get pregnant, it is important to take other favoring measurements. Lay on your back for 156 minutes and more after intercourse, as it allows the seminal liquid to remain in the vagina, increasing the chances of the ovule to be penetrated. It is an offensive caution that can be really useful along with the good sex positions.

Some women place a pillow under their back to allow lifting the legs to increase fertility. Well, the best sexual positions can be effective this way.

If you feel pain during intercourse, this can be one of the symptoms of a semen allergy or endometriosis. You should contact your doctor as soon as possible.

As a conclusion, if you want to know what to do to get pregnant, the top ten sex positions used to conceive might be of great help, although other positions can be used by women to achieve this goal.

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