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Myth about too much sex while trying to get pregnant

Myth about too much sex while trying to get pregnant There are pros and cons of too much sex during pregnancy, and many women are wondering if this is good or bad. This is one of a series of widely known fertility myths disproved by real pregnancy facts. While some magazines are questioning if is sex good for you, some other praise the effectiveness and the benefits if this. While trying to get pregnant, you will undoubtedly need sex, it is time to find out the sex facts and myths after getting pregnant.

Sometimes, being pregnant and having sex is a wonderful thing. The gynecologists say that sex is great during pregnancy and it must not be avoided, with the exception of the case when the doctor detects the risk of hemorrhages and abortion. There is no proof that the orgasm can hurt the fetus, and it was not proven that the seminal liquid could be harmful.

Being pregnant is maybe the most important stage from the life of a woman and it is essential for a healthy life couple. For this, it is important to communicate and to keep the sexual life as active as possible.

Sex and getting pregnant


While the chances of getting pregnant are increased if you have much sex, if you are having problems getting pregnant, you might need to establish a schedule. Too much sex harm your chances if you are not so fertile, therefore you must establish the periods when you need to have sex or not. If you have spent some serious time trying to conceive and it still doesn’t happen, it is time to predict your ovulation and to have sex only during this fertile period. This method can boost your chances of getting pregnant. Once you are pregnant, it is important to establish some other goals.

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What to avoid while trying to get pregnant

If you think that too much sex harm your chances of getting pregnant, you might not be far away from the truth. However, if you think it is the time trying to conceive, you should boost your chances by having more sex during the fertile periods. It is true too much sex can be harmful, but only for a certain category of women and only during certain periods.

Women are sometimes stressed during the periods when they are trying to get pregnant, therefore the sexual pleasure is left on the second plan. In fact, some women apply a “get it done quickly” strategy that is not only harmful for the life couple, but also for the process itself. It is important for the man to gather a large quantity of sperm during copulation, and this can’t be done without a good foreplay. If you are wondering if is sex good for you, the answer is yes, but you should prefer having quality contacts instead of having too much sex.

How to determine the best time of sex while trying to get pregnant

It is important to know the different sex facts and myths if you want to conceive healthy. Many women first try to get pregnant by having as much sex as possible, but can you have too much sex during this period. An increased frequency of sex might exhaust the both partners, therefore it is better to get it right instead of getting if often.

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Determining the best trying to get pregnant tips

The most important clue is the cervical mucus. When you try to get pregnant, this is an important aspect that appears before the most fertile period of a woman. How much often you must check the level of this mucus and when to try to get pregnant?

You can start as soon as the menstruation is over. Take the tests, and ask your man to be patient for a few days. It might be hard, considering that he is already waiting since the menstruation, but your goal is another one. Explain to him the too much sex will harm your chances, and tell him when is sex good for you.

As the mucus is in a continuous change, you should check the consistency of this liquid at least 3 times a day. Even women that have fertile mucus for a longer period will suffer from major changes. As time passes, observing those changes will allow you to predict the ovulation perfectly. This way, you will determine the best period to get pregnant. If you want to use the natural method of getting pregnant, as soon as the first creamy and white mucus appears, you are fertile. Maybe you fill find it complicated, but this will become an instinct after a while. Don’t check the mucus if you are excited or after a sexual contact, as you might confuse it with the vaginal secretion. This being said, you can only use this method to start having sex, and you will probably be able to give the good news to your husband after a few days.

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