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How does ovulation test work

How does ovulation test work Women that are able to understand how do ovulation tests work are able to use the information to conceive, or on the contrary, to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancies. By the way, it is possible to predict ovulation by using our accurate but simple online ovulation calculator for free!

As the name says, the test is based on determining the level of LH hormone in blood and urine, and this is why this test is based on LH surge and ovulation. It is easy to determine if you are ovulating or not, as reading the ovulation test strips is the same as reading a pregnancy test. However, while in the case of pregnancy, the result of the first test must be confirmed with a second test after 24 or 48 hours, in the case of ovulation, after the first response ovulation test that is positive, you should have sexual intercourse if you want to remain pregnant.

The traps of the ovulation predictor kits

You must understand how do ovulation kits work, and how to use it, as following the LH surge is an effective but also deceiving method to anticipate ovulation. The test will tell you when you are ovulating, but the fertile period begins with two or three days before this day. the problem is that women using this test as a contraceptive method will interpret a negative result as a clue that she is infertile, and this might not be true. Detecting your LH surge is the first step in determining ovulation with accuracy, as after this, you should create charts and graphs in order to anticipate the ovulation and the fertile period effectively.

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What are the principles of ovulation tests?

The tests are based on the luteinizing hormone, a hormone that is always present in urine, but that is present in increased quantities than normal. The process is connected with the basal body temperature. When a woman ovulates, the level of LH is significantly increased, therefore the ovulation test is positive. Reading the test strip is just like reading the pregnancy test, therefore it should not be a problem. using the results in your advantage and determining the fertile period is the real trick.

How do ovulation tests work to determine the ovulation period

LH surge and ovulation offer good clues about the ovulation period, but it is necessary to determine the exact moment when the LH level is high, as the most fertile period of a woman lasts about 12 hours. While a woman usually is fertile for about 6 days, 3-4 days before the ovulation and 1-2 after, the stressing way of life and unhealthy food consumed today made some women infertile or fertile for a short period. For those women, the ovulation test strips remain the only reliable method to determine fertility. However, those women must have sexual intercourse after the first response ovulation test, which is positive, as the fertile period lasts about 12 hours a month for those women.

What are the ovulation predictor kits?

In order to determine how do ovulation kits work, you will have to understand what is the LH hormone and how it is possible to anticipate ovulation by following the LH surge. For some women, detecting your LH surge can be done naturally, just by observing the reactions of the body, as the increased quantities of the luteinizing hormone also come with other signs of fertility, such as an increased basal body temperature and pains in the abdominal area, but usually, the test strip is the safest method to determine this aspect. in any case, the LH surge and ovulation is the safest method to predict ovulation.

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What is the accuracy of the test?

The ovulation test strips are effective in 99 % of the cases. they have the same principle as the pregnancy test; therefore, you will need a sample of urine. You will have to collect urine in a small recipient that is perfectly clean, and to introduce the tested in it. you must read the result after 5-10 minutes, according to the specifications of the product. Usually, the first response ovulation test is the correct one, and it must not be certified by a second test. The newest ovulation predictor kits are able to create charts and to read the basal temperature, giving you accurate details about the fertile period.

How does an ovulation kit work: Technical specifications

If the test is positive, you will see two red lines, and if it is negative (meaning that the LH was not released in big quantities) a single line will appear. if you don’t have any line, it means that you have not used the test correctly; therefore, you should repeat the test. In any case, repeat the test using a new tester, as in case you don’t have any line, the test is completely compromised and you can’t reuse it. however, if you understand how does an ovulation test work, you will be able to avoid those problems and to use the test effectively.

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