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Pregnancy after miscarriage

Pregnancy after miscarriage Getting pregnant after miscarriage is at times very tough decision for the couples. Some couples become so depressed that they do not want to conceive again as they find no such courage to do this. Where as at the same world there are the couples who want to get pregnant next day to miscarriage. What ever they do important thing both partners take the time and take the decision with a mutual interest.

What is miscarriage? What happens during and after miscarriage?

Miscarriage is accidental ending of pregnancy. It can be due to many reasons. At times it is due to female hormonal and infertility issues and at times it may be totally accidental without any medical cause. It is very unpleasant time couples have to bear as they go under serious emotional depressions. Women faces both emotional and physical crisis. After miscarriage women may or may not be able to get pregnant again depending upon the miscarriage causes. Miscarriage can be at any stage of pregnancy even it can be after some weeks or even just days before the delivery. Mature pregnancy miscarriages are of course more painful to bear than initial pregnancy miscarriages. However both types of miscarriages are painful both emotionally and physically.

Causes and Symptoms

There can be many factors as said earlier that women was infertile, hormonal imbalance and drug addicted mother or some accidental reasons. Symptoms of miscarriages are very clear like severe pains and bleeding etc.

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Getting Pregnant Again-Just Right After Miscarriage

Miscarriage is a thing very painful to bear for the couples. But whatever the loss was couples have to try again. At times couples are much tensed that at what time should they are conceiving after miscarriage again and can they take the decision of pregnancy at once. Surely they can take the decision of pregnancy just after miscarriage by keeping following points in mind:

  • Be sure that woman’s body is ready to bear pregnancy once again. Avoid any factors of risk of secondary infertility.
  • Keep in mind that one miscarriage does not mean all miscarriages.
  • Make sure that you really want to get pregnant, if there are any issues delay the plan until they get resolved as they can affect the pregnancy.
  • Be honest to your self that should you really get pregnant? In the case when last miscarriage was due to some issues related to you like infertility and now you think they have been resolved and you can bear pregnancy.
  • Be properly examined by the physician. Getting pregnant just after miscarriage is normal and not at all a big deal. There are thousands of women who get pregnant just few weeks after miscarriage and they have normal deliveries. The only thing you are supposed to care about that you are not following the same mistakes and are not having same pregnancy issues related to mother hormonal issues which caused miscarriage last time. You can not take a risk on another pregnancy as having multiple miscarriages is not easy to face.
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Conceiving Naturally After Miscarriage

It should be decided very carefully that what will be the best time to get pregnant after miscarriage. Woman (and of course her partner as well) needs time to get stable both physically and emotionally. You should also consider your age while trying to have pregnancy as you grow elder chances to conceive start decreasing and miscarriages start dominating.

If you are declared fit by your physician there is no reason that you can not get pregnant once again in short time period, naturally. Your doctor may help you in this by telling you the times when you can conceive easily. Your physician can guide very accurately about that time in which you (woman) has much chances to get pregnant.

Before Getting Pregnant

Here are some points women should kept in mind before they are going to plan their pregnancy after miscarriage so that they may enjoy healthy pregnancy. For the wellness of pregnancy they must be kept in mind as you can not afford another miscarriage. Some of these are:

  • You are mentally healthy and have come out of emotional and physical healing of last miscarriage.
  • Both of the parents are ready to face pregnancy once again without any fair.
  • Woman is not facing any hormonal issues.
  • Woman is not facing infertility issues.
  • Woman is not neither taking alcohol nor smoke. Read our articles on smoking risks, and how to stop smoking to be healthy. She also does not take any kind of drugs apart from specialized vitamins for fertility.
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Healthy Pregnancy

Most women get pregnant just few weeks after miscarriages if they were not facing any female issues. It should be accepted that no one can less your grief of last miscarriage but it should be considered that you have to do steps to make this pregnancy a healthy pregnancy. Following are the some key points to be remembered:

  • Each pregnancy is totally unique from all the previous ones.
  • Have good natural diet.
  • Go for the regular checkups.
  • Try maximum, not to take stress about last miscarriages. We know that it is not easy for you to forget but you have to do it for your coming baby.
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