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Male Infertility Symptoms and Treatment

Male Infertility Symptoms and Treatment Large numbers of people around the world are facing problems for conceiving a child. These problems are due to infertility conditions in male and female partner. However, for long time it has been assumed that infertility can only occur in woman. However, studies have shown that 30% couples are suffering problems in conception due to female infertility and 30% are due to male infertility. Out of these in 40% couples this problem is due to unknown factors. Thus, for conceiving child successfully it is important for both male and female to be fertile.

Infertility can be defined as condition when couple is not able to attain pregnancy after successive tries for one year. If female partner of couple is unable to get pregnant after 6 months of intercourse they should consult doctor immediately. State of pregnancy is achieved when male sperm fertilize the egg in body of woman. The fertilization process greatly depends upon quality of male sperm, sperm count and other health conditions of male partner.

Male infertility symptoms

Infertility in men can be caused due to various reasons. However, some male infertility symptoms can be defined as follow:

  • The most common infertility male symptom is lack of interest in sex.
  • Female partner is unable to conceive after having unprotected sex for 6 month duration.
  • Male reproductive organs is wrinkled form.
  • Problems during ejaculation
  • Breast tissues of such males are enlarged.
  • The color of male skin in such males is usually dull.
  • Lack of erection is also one symptom of male infertility.
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Male Infertility Causes

Sexual health of male is determined by quality and health of sperms produced and ability to convey sperms to egg for fertilization process. Some of important male infertility causes are as follow:

  • Reduced Sperm count
    According to WHO the standard sperm count in healthy man should be more than 15 million sperms contained in semen of amount 1 milliliter. If male is exhibiting sperm count less than this than he is facing problem of infertility. This problem in man can only be verified with help of test in labs.
  • Genetic problem
    Some male produce abnormal sperms which possess reduced mobility and usually remain unsuccessful in reaching egg. Shape of such sperms is also abnormal and they usually lack capacity to penetrate thick walls of egg. Cause of such sperms is usually disturbed genetic makeup of person. This infertility problem is transferred from one generation to another through genes.
  • Problems during ejaculation
    Some male face problems during ejaculation. Such male are not able to ejaculate under pressure or stress and may ejaculate afterwards and there are many male who are not able to ejaculate at all. Both of these scenarios lead to male infertility problem.
  • Consistent high temperature of scrotum
    Male persons who keep seated for long duration exhibit high scrotal temperature which affect mobility and health of sperms badly. Likewise, tight undergarments or clothing also increases scrotal temperature. Also prolonged hot baths and saunas also affect the temperature of male organs and also male sexual health badly.
  • If sperm ducts of male are blocked or damaged they will impart infertility in male.
  • Semen allergy
    Another issue relating to the health of sperm is its unsuitable acidity, because such kind of sperm may become a reason of allergy to semen.
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Other things which are responsible for male infertility include diseases and medical conditions like diabetes, thyroid, testosterone deficiency, steroid intake, side effects of smoking and drinking alcohol, abstaining sex for longer duration, constant high fever, obesity, etc. are some common causes of male infertility. You should read our thematic articles about how to quit smoking, to know harmful effects of smoking to preconception, and pregnant women as passive smokers.

Male fertility test

If male and female couple want to have a child and facing problems in this regard they should perform fertility test. For male fertility test there are number of methods available. Some of them are as follow:

  • Test Kits
    There are male fertility test kits available in market. With these kits you can determine sperm count within your home however, after getting initial results you have to consult doctor for detail checkup.
  • Urine Test
    With urine test male fertility level can also be determined. Urine is tested for presence of any signs of Chlamydia which is a sexual disease, bacteria, blood cells and for sperms. If sperms are found in urine then men is suffering from retrograde ejaculation.
  • Blood testing
    With blood test doctors can determine infertility due to various diseases like Hepatitis, HIV, etc.
  • Sperm tests
    For sperm test doctor can determine health of sperm and sperm count. For this process semen of men is normally required.

Then there are other tests like testicular biopsy, Vasogram etc which can help to check male fertility level.

Male infertility treatments

If cause of infertility is determined in male with male fertility test then it can be treated with various procedures. For male infertility treatments doctor can follow any process which include:

  • Medication
    With help of certain medicines like tamoxifen, clomiphene and mesterolone health of male sperms can be improved. Doctors can also use injections of gonadotropin for this purpose.
  • Surgical treatment
    For problems like blocked sperm ducts doctors may recommend microsurgery. This surgery can also cure male infertility problems like undescended testes, varicoceles and other physical problems with male reproductive organs.
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However, in case problem cannot be cured with medicines and surgery than other alternative processes can be used with help of labs assistance which include capacitation, sperm washing, gamete intra-fallopian transfer, intra uterine insemination and micro manipulation that’s is ICSI.

Then many people try to cure these problems with natural methods like using different herbs like ginseng, pumpkin seeds and astragalus. They can help to improve health of sperms and sperm count. Alterations to lifestyle and home can also contribute greatly to improve sexual health. Regular exercise, yoga, detoxification of body, healthy food with extra vitamins like Vitamin C, Vitamin B-12, and zinc can also help to fight back to male infertility problem.

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