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Female Infertility Symptoms and Treatment

Female Infertility Symptoms and Treatment Female infertility (and secondary infertility) can be defined as scenario when female is unable to conceive or to bear unborn child to full term. Sometimes such inability is accompanied by a miscarriage or stillbirth. Infertility of women can be a major cause for consistent failure in conception. However, many of female infertility problems can be treated medically and can produce fruitful results. For women who want to give birth to child it is important to know fertility level of their body.

Types of female infertility

Knowing types and signs of infertility can help women to find right cure for particular problem. Types of female infertility include:

  • Cervical ectropion
    Some experts remind that there is a relevance between women infertility and cervical erosion, but a conceiving becomes very possible after the correct treatment.
  • Uterine fibrosis
    In this type of case benign tumors are present in uterus of women. This is common type of female infertility.
  • Endometriosis
    This is complex infertility issue in woman for which no authentic process can be determined for its treatment. In this state the uterine lining is present at exterior of uterus. It will not only cause infertility in woman but also result in trouble getting pregnant related to bowl and menstruation.
  • Ovulation disorder
    In this problem the body of woman halts the process of ovulation. This problem is also known as Amenorrhea and it is indicated by disturbed or missing menstruation cycle.
  • PCOS or Polycystic ovarian syndrome
    This is type of female infertility in which cyst is present in ovaries of woman. These cysts can disturb ovulation process if body of woman.
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Symptoms of female infertility

Now the question is how to determine if a woman is infertile or not. Although authentic results can be obtained with laboratory test however, some symptoms of female infertility can be observed in women at their own. Looking for these symptoms can help to identify right problem and able to get right solution for it.

The most known symptom of female infertility is absence of menstrual cycle. This is also known as amenorrhea. In this condition female does not experience menstruation. This condition can be faced by women at different parts of age like during pregnancy, before adolescence, after periods and during lactation. However, this condition of women prevails in later days than it can lead to female infertility. Using oral contraceptives can also result in this condition.

Another symptom of female infertility is miscarriages. In this condition female is able to conceive however, fetus cannot survive more than 20 weeks in body of such woman. Other symptoms of female infertility include infection in urinary tract, pelvic inflammation, fibroids and Stenosis of cervix, etc. These signs can help woman to identify potential infertility and should consult doctor immediately for treatment.

Causes of infertility

Infertility in women can be due to various emotional and physiological conditions. These factors also include unhealthy lifestyle or certain health issues. The female suffering from problem of endometriosis is usually infertile.

Other physiological problems that cause infertility include ovarian cysts, tumors, collapsed fallopian tubes, pelvic adhesion and disturbed hormones. These problems can be due to excessive alcohol intake or other medical problems. Another thing which can affect fertility in woman is her age. Woman is most fertile before age of 35. However with time this fertility rate of woman decreases tremendously in later years. Women older than 35 can face many fertility issues, like complications during pregnancy, with enhanced chances of miscarriages. Such women can also go through problems like premature birth or gestational diabetes.

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Weight of woman or obesity can also result in infertility issues in female. Obesity not only decrease chances of pregnancy but also results in abnormal body function as well as hormonal imbalance in body. This can result in reduce fertility in woman.

Other factors that can cause infertility in woman include breast cancer, eating disorder like anorexia or bulimia, smoking, alcohol or high intake of caffeine. As for side effects of smoking and how to stop smoking you can read series of articles specially written for our portal. Stress and emotional trauma can also impart infertility in woman.

Female Infertility treatments

Nowadays, there are large numbers of medical treatments available to cure problem of female infertility. However, these treatments also require good effort from female with drastic change in their lifestyle along with quitting smoking and alcohol. Relaxation and fitness routines like exercises and yoga can also help to enhance fertility in woman.

Some of known infertility treatments are as follow:

  • Reduce weight
    Obesity is one of major cause of infertility in women. Thus, it is important for women to reduce weight and modify lifestyle as first step of infertility treatment. Detoxification of body, using large amount of water, balance diet with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables can help woman to reduce weight and improve fertility of body.
  • Using drugs
    Certain drugs like Clomid and diabetic drugs can also help to deal with fertility issues in woman. Clomid is used widely for this purpose as it offer great results for successful pregnancy, However, certain diabetic dugs can also help to cure infertility problems like PCOS.
  • IVF or in vitro fertilization
    For women with complex infertility problems IVF is one successful way of getting pregnant. This assisted medical treatment for pregnancy can help woman to get pregnant effectively however, cost of this treatment is quite high.
  • Surgery
    Certain surgical procedures like ovarian drilling can help balance woman hormones and can result in successful ovulation process.
  • PGD
    PGD is preimplantation genetic diagnosis is successful assisted treatment in reproductive technology.
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Any treatment for female infertility certainly depends upon the age and health conditions of female. However, these treatments are successful for large number of couples worldwide.

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