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Vasectomy All over the world, contraception is treated as a female domain and despite men using condom as a barrier method to prevent pregnancy, it is left to women mostly to decide on birth control method to avoid pregnancy. However, there is also a male birth control method that is also one time and permanent. It is known as vasectomy and achieves sterilization of men. It is a safe and cost effective method that provides freedom to not only men but also to their female partners as they know they cannot become pregnant even if they do not use any birth control method. A vasectomy procedure is a simple operation that prevents sperms from entering the semen of the man. This is enough to ensure that the woman he does sexual intercourse with does not get pregnant under any circumstances. Despite sterilization procedure for men being simple and effective, men so not seem to be enthusiastic about vasectomy.

What is the principle behind vasectomy

There are two tubes in the scrotum of a man that carry his semen out of his testicles to the opening of his penis and finally into the woman he penetrates. A doctor makes small incisions on both sides of the scrotum to cut both the tubes and ties cut tubes or seals them using an instrument that heats up. The cuts made in the skin of the scrotum are closed with stitches that do not leave any marks behind.

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After vasectomy, the sperms do not get a chance to be carried in these tubes to get into the semen. This means that though a man ejaculates in the same fashion as he does before undergoing surgery there are no sperms in his semen to make a woman pregnant.

Advantages of vasectomy

  • Simple operation of men to solve the problem of birth control;
  • Quick and without any side effects;
  • Very high efficiency as a birth control method;
  • Relieves women as they need not worry about pregnancy.


Does vasectomy have any adverse effect on the manhood?

Many myths and beliefs abound concerning vasectomy. Many believe that it leads to decreased virility or power in men. Men who undergo this operation are not that fertile as they were before the operation is what many feel though these are all false perceptions. Doctors and experts say that there is no ground for these rumors and men who get vasectomy done on them tell the story themselves. They say that they do not feel any loss of virility and power and have erections and arousal in much the same fashion as they had before the operation. The only thing that changes is the semen of the men after vasectomy as their semen is without sperm now.

Is vasectomy a painful operation?

No, certainly not. This is a small operation that gets over in a mere 30 minutes and is performed by a doctor applying local anesthesia. This means that only the skin of the scrotum is numbed with anesthesia and the person is wide awake as the doctor makes incisions in his scrotum and cuts the tubes inside. Men who have undergone vasectomy say they did not feel a thing getting this operation done.

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Is there a long recovery time after vasectomy?

No. Most men who are in god health and lead an active lifestyle are able to return to work in a day or two. The only precaution doctors tell their patients is to refrain from heavy exercises and workouts. Men undergoing vasectomy have to stay away from sexual activity for a week.

Are there any complications or side effects?

Complications, if any are few in rare incidents. There have been cases where patients have reported bleeding and some have even caught infection in their scrotum after the operation. In some cases, men who have undergone vasectomy have made their partners pregnant. This is attributed to sperms finding another way to get inside semen.

Vasectomy is a onetime operation that is more or less permanent. This is because vasectomy reversal is a difficult operation and not often successful. This is why doctors advice to be absolutely sure before undergoing this operation. If you think your family is complete and you do not need any more children, you can opt for vasectomy. There are people who think where sperms go once they are denied entry into semen. Slowly, the body starts to make fewer sperms and eventually, the body starts to absorb the sperms when they are made inside the scrotum.

Vasectomy cost can vary depending upon the area you live. Male sterilization cost in the country can range from $350-$1000 depending upon the city and state you live. Considering it is a one time vasectomy cost, this method of birth control eventually roves to be quite cheap as a couple need not think about pregnancy in future. Further, there is no change in sex drive and the amount of semen produced by a man. The only thing absent are the sperms in his semen while he can enjoy his sex life as he did before.

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