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Sexual Outercourse Techniques

Sexual Outercourse Techniques Birth control is a major source of worry for most women around the world. This is because all couples want to keep the size of their family down to be able to raise the kids properly. In addition, women not only want to enjoy sex but also want to concentrate on their careers. This requires staying away from conception when they are not ready for it. There are many methods of birth control but not all are ideal or at least suitable for all women as many are hormonal in nature having side effects on the health of women. There is a lot of talk about Outercourse techniques these days as a good alternative to all devices of birth control. Just what is Outercourse and how does Outercourse prevent pregnancy?

Deriving pleasure from each other’s body without vaginal intercourse

Outercourse refers to non-penetrative sex that is intended to provide as much pleasure as regular sex to a couple without the worries of conception. On fact, these techniques are so pleasurable that once mastered and done in a perfect manner, they can help in having multiple orgasms which is after all the main purpose of sexual intercourse. Bringing orgasm to your partner by masturbating for him (mutual masturbation), frottage, heavy petting, rubbing, sucking on genitals and other body parts, making use of hands and tongue on erogenous zones of partner’s body etc are some Outercourse techniques that have been on practice since time immemorial. These days, many couples prefer to satisfy each other through these techniques not indulging in sexual intercourse to be on the safe side as they do not want conception.

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Prevention of pregnancy with more pleasure through dry sex

For the uninitiated, Outercourse can be even more pleasurable than sexual intercourse. Those who engage in foreplay before sex know hoe entertaining and pleasurable to sense it can be petting and sucking on body parts of their partner. If you think about it, penetration is done merely to stimulate each other’s organs to finally bring to climax each other. The same can be achieved without penetration (anal sex or vaginal sex) as it is possible to achieve orgasm through dry sex which involves keeping panties on and stroking each other’s bodies in such a manner so as to bring pleasure to the other partner. This ensures that the discharge from the male remains confined in his panties and there is no chance of a woman getting pregnant through Outercourse. If done carefully, Outercourse is very effective and prevents pregnancy 100%. The salient features of Outercourse are as follows:

  • Both partners can achieve orgasm and sexual pleasure without the need for penetration;
  • Outercourse can help in prolonging pleasures for both partners;
  • Outercourse techniques are safe and prevent pregnancy;
  • Outercourse is an extension of age old practice of foreplay.


You can derive even more pleasure than vaginal intercourse

Instead of rubbing penis against the clitoris of your partner, you can rub penis against other body parts. This ensures that any discharge from penis does not reach inside the vagina of your partner to fertilize her eggs. Kissing and playing with your tongue on the private parts of your partner can bring immense physical pleasure to your partner. Using your hands and tongue, you can excite her clitoris to masturbate her to bring her to an orgasm . She too can indulge in playing with your penis to bring you to a climax. 69 is one position that has been known to mankind since ancient times and it requires man and woman to lie in opposite directions so that mouth of each is on genitals of the other partner. Using different Outercourse positions it is possible to arouse your partner and bring her to a climax without even penetrating her vaginally.

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Ways to bring pleasure to the partner

Kissing, hugging, stroking private body parts, sucking at erogenous zones etc are some of the popular Outercourse methods. Each individual has his own preferences and likings that can be utilized in dry sex to bring him or her to a climax. These activities are not only fun filled and pleasurable, they also tend to prolong sex between partners and make them more intimate than plain sexual intercourse which often becomes listless after some time.

Outercourse is not something to be learned and involves all those activities that people perform while they are enjoying sexual intercourse. The main precaution that has to be exercised while making use of sexual Outercourse as an alternative to vaginal intercourse is to see that male sperms get no chance to get inside female vagina. Though you can learn many more techniques of bringing pleasure to yourself and your partner, the basic thing is to avoid penetration and increase pleasure through humping, frottage, strolling, sucking, and similar other activities. Remember when you were a teenager and achieved tremendous pleasure by playing with your penis or vagina? If you could achieve an orgasm by playing with your body parts then, why not let your partner do it for you to have an orgasm?

Outercourse is natural and 100% safe. One can always return to vaginal intercourse to achieve conception.

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