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Male Condoms

Male Condoms Effectivity

Male Condoms One of the most popular types of birth control method is to use condoms. They are the most cost effective way of preventing child birth and are easy to use. Moreover, they do not cause any pain or discomfort to both the sexual partners while using them, and have no side effects of using this particular product.

Perhaps, the best way to indulge in protective sex since it prevents the transfer of sexually transmitted diseases. So what are condoms made up of? A condom is a penis shaped object made out of latex or plastic and is extremely stretchable in nature. This product is worn on the penis before indulging in sexual intercourse. There are different condom sizes present in different brands so one can choose the size that fits them best for more convenience. Furthermore, condoms are also present in different styles, colors, lubricant forms, dry forms, flavors and even with spermicide for enhanced protection. There are many different brands of condoms present in the market, out of which perhaps the most popular brand is Durex.

How does a condom work


Basically the condom has some space on the tip to gather the semen and precum that is expelled when a man ejaculates. This semen contains sperms which is transfer into the vagina, can lead to pregnancy. However, the condom accumulates this semen inside it and doesn’t let it escape. Hence, the semen isn’t able to reach into the uterus and without any semen or sperm, pregnancy cannot take place. Moreover, since sexually transmitted diseases transfer through this semen, when it doesn’t come in contact with your partner, there are no chances of the transfer of sexually transmitted diseases travelling to your partner. Hence, this is perhaps the most effective way to prevent you from getting a sexually transmitted disease.

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What are the condom sizes present

There are numerous male condom sizes and brands present in the market. What you need to do is look for the brand that fits you and suits you the best. Moreover, sizes will vary from one country to another country as well. Condom sizes differ in different width and length. You can get a smaller or tighter width to ensure a tight fit, or get a loose one, if you want a bigger size. Since condoms are made out of stretchable materials, they will mostly fit when the penis is erected so one doesn’t need to worry that much about the size as most men go for the standard or regular size.

The most effective way to use condom

The effectiveness of any birth control measure is of utmost importance, since you want the method you choose to the safest. In order to know whether using a condom is the safest way, one needs to know about condom effectiveness. The value of condom effectiveness varies depending on whether you are using it correctly or not. The effectiveness of the condom is said to be around 99 percent, however you can increase this number by combining with another birth control method such as the pill. Moreover, one should know how to use it in a proper way in order to ensure safe sex and if the male pulls out his penis when he is about to ejaculate, the chances of the female getting pregnant lessen even more.

Another way to increase condom effectiveness is to use a condom that contains spermicide. Spermicide is a substance that helps to get rid of any sperms that may try to enter into the uterus as a result of a broken condom. One needs to be sure of whether the condom you are using is intact and not broken, since many pregnancies are caused by a broken condom. Condoms can always break due to one reason or the other and you need to make sure that you use a fresh condom when you are about to have sex. Condoms can help one be safe from the many sexually transmitted diseases present. Some of those diseases the condom protects from include:

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Moreover, condoms can also help prevent males from urinary tract infections. Condoms are perhaps, the safest type of birth control product present, since they do not have any side effects. The only problem that may be present is that a person may be allergic to latex or plastic, and if you are allergic to one of these two materials you can always use the other one. However, if you are allergic to both these materials, then you should consider using an alternative birth control method.

The many benefits of using condoms

Some of the few benefits of using condoms include the following:

  • Inexpensive way of protection;
  • Easy to use and dispose of;
  • Painless ;
  • Avoids premature ejaculation;
  • Can make the sex longer;
  • Reduces chances of transfer of STDs.
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