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Is there a possibility to remain pregnant because of sperm ejaculated with masturbation

Is there a possibility to remain pregnant because of sperm ejaculated with masturbation? The masculine genital system is formed of testicles, seminal vesicles, the prostate, sperm ducts, annex glands and the penis. The testicles are placed in a bag and along with the penis; they form the external reproductive apparatus. The spermatozoids are the sexual masculine cells, being responsible with the reproduction.

What is the sperm life span?

Many women, especially those that are only beginning their sexual life ask if you can get pregnant without penetration. Even if we have modern informational systems at our disposal, it is a wonder how millions of women are still not able to understand those concepts. The truth is that it is possible to remain pregnant without penetration, even if the man ejaculates outside the vagina, and even if the possibilities are reduced, it is possible.

The spermatozoids might reach the vagina even after a while, as they are able to live in the air for a few hours. Therefore, it is recommended to wash the genital area immediately, even if the man ejaculated outside. And it doesn’t matter how ejaculation happened, because any non-penetrative sexual technique gives a possibility to conceiving.

A few masturbation tips that will lower the chances of getting pregnant

Men masturbation is still considered a shaming habit, although recent studies proved that this habit is beneficial for health. Some couples prefer this method as a contraceptive measurement, and as long as it is done right, it represents a good contraceptive method. However, even if the majority of couples feel the pleasure only when the man ejaculates on the belly or even on the vagina of the woman, a good contraceptive method is to use a towel. This way, the man can fully ejaculate outside the vagina without any worries. Want to read more about modern contraceptive methods like nuvaring, abstinence, femcap or morning-after pills? Just use site search tool to find corresponding information.

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One of the questions that must be answered is how long do sperm live in air. The answer is still not certain, but it seems like the spermatozoids can live from a few minutes to a few hours even outside of the body. The life span of sperm was studied by many doctors, but it is still hard to answer to this question.

The external ejaculation is not an entirely sure contraceptive method, as there is a possibility for the man to ejaculate a few drops of sperm during the sexual contact. This is called the pleasure drop, and even if usually this seminal liquid does not contain spermatozoids, there is a possibility to remain pregnant this way. If you want to be fully protected, instead of asking questions like how can sperm live outside the body and if sperm can survive after ejaculation, it is better to use more secure contraceptive methods such as the condom or pills.

The sperm life span depends on many factors, such as the general state of health of the man, or of the exterior environment. In any case, the answer to the question Can you get pregnant without penetration is definitely Yes, and even if you apply the masturbation tips such as ejaculating outside the vagina, on a towel, the pleasure drop will still be dangerous.

Some properties of the sperm that will determine how long can sperm survive

As said before, the dangers of masturbation, because of several factors. The sperm is a liquid with an increased viscosity, with a specific smell. As it is formed by the secretion of several glands, it does not have a constant consistency. This is why the sperm life span outside body is different from one man to the other. Some men produce more seminal liquid and less spermatozoids, while for other men, the number of spermatozoids is greater. The consistency of sperm is different not only from one man to the other, but also from one moment of the day to the other; therefore, it is practically impossible to determine the life span of sperm.

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External ejaculation was used for millenniums as a good contraceptive method, although it reduced the pleasure of the man. On the other hand, considering the modern methods of contraception, the modern man can benefit of the full pleasure of having sex without being worried about the life of sperm or about the sperm life span.

As a man or a woman, you must keep in mind that you can get pregnant without penetration, even if you apply some masturbation tips. Men masturbation is a complicated process, although some people consider it as a shame and as an unwanted habit. This contraceptive method might be effective if applied correctly, but it is not 100 % safe. If you are looking for safety, you should use other contraceptive methods. Moreover, this method does not protect you from other diseases, so it is only recommended in couples that fully trust each other. With so many resources at your disposal, you can surely find a contraceptive method that is perfectly secure.

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