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Implanon as a contraceptive method and its side effects

Implanon as a contraceptive method and its side effects The implanon is an implant that is placed under the skin, a dispositive that has the form of a small stick that is implanted at the level of the arm with a special applicator. The implanting operation is simple and it is not painful, and it is made with local anesthesia, being over in lass than 5 minutes. Of course, there are also disadvantages of using this contraceptive method; therefore, you should know a few implanon side effects before asking your doctor to perform this surgery on you.

The side effects of implanon

According to implanon reviews, you will find many women that are perfectly satisfied with this method, but there are also the women that requested the implanon removal after a while. The implanon (etonogestrel implant) drug can be harmful for some women, and only a specialized control could determine if the body of a woman is ready to accept this birth control implant.

The method is addressed to the women that want to benefit of a long-term contraception. The stick, once it is implanted, will release a small quantity of substance in the body, called etonogestrel, a feminine synthesis hormone that resembles with progesterone. This substance modifies the hormonal equilibrium of the organism, contributing to the prevention of ovulation. The implanon should be effective for three years, but the majority of doctors recommend the use of implanon for two years at most. After this period, the device must be replaced.

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Is this birth control implant effective?

This is considered one of the most effective birth control methods, which have a success of 99.95 %. It also has the advantage of being a reversible method; therefore, an etonogestrel implant can be considered as one of the most useful methods of this kind.

However, as any other hormonal contraceptives, the implanon has side effects and disadvantages. One of them would be swallowing, pains, and discomfort in the area where it is placed. Some of those devices might also be displaced.

In some cases, one of the most important implanon side effects is the fact that the device has fallen from the needle. Therefore, the device is not fixed. If you can’t feel the device under the skin, it is important to announce the doctor immediately.

Other side effects of implanon are connected with the displacing of the device. If the device is not placed where it must be, it might not release the necessary substances. If the implant can’t be removed, the effects might last for a longer period.

How can you choose the best implanon?

You can read the implanon reviews to determine which one of those devices is the best for you, but the doctor is the person that will finally decide which is the best option for you. You can recommend the doctor some of the devices you have seen, but the doctor has to clearly explain to you which is the best one for your case. Besides determining the effectiveness of the device, you will also have to establish if implanon removal is possible, as you need to consider removing the device after a while.

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Myths about the implanon

Some people say that a woman using such device might suffer of implanon weight gain. It might be possible, but it is not the implanon to blame for that. The hormonal modification in the body produces those effects, and those modifications appear even if the women take the respective contraceptives under the form of pills.

What is the average implanon cost?

Considering the quality of the implanon and the possible side effects, the prices of the device and of the surgical intervention might be quite different.

Side effects of implanon with other medicines

Certain medicines might make Implanon less effective, such as the ones inducing the hepatic enzymes; therefore, the majority of doctors recommend implanon insertion as a secondary contraceptive method. Make sure to announce the doctor about any medicine and pills you are about to take.

It is possible to suffer of implanon bleeding, especially during the first two days after the implanon implant, but this is normal. If it persists, you must consult the doctor to determine what was wrong.

The effectiveness of implanon depends on many factors, the most important of them being the quantity of hormone released by the device every day in the body. It is effective for about three years, but after this period, it might release a reduced quantity of hormones, which is not enough to prevent pregnancy. It works by preventing the ovulation, and because of the fact that this process is sometimes irreversible, your doctor must determine if this kind of treatment is effective for you. If the doctor determines that there are no possibilities of implanon side effects, you can consider using this method as an effective contraceptive method.

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