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What is an Ovulation Calculator

What is an Ovulation Calculator There are many lucky couples who are able to produce babies as and when they desire and never do they need to grapple with the problem of infertility which is faced by some unfortunate ones. However, with passage of time and stressful lifestyles, the percentage of females finding it difficult to conceive has been steadily increasing. Add to this rampant use of birth control pills and intrauterine devices that inject hormones into the bodies of women, and it compounds the misery of women as hormones and fertility are intricately interrelated. More and more women are finding that conception after stopping pills is not that easy as suggested by companies and gynecologists. However, gaining insight into ones menstrual cycle, ovulation and the most fertile days of a month is a good idea for women planning to conceive. One tool that helps women immensely in this endeavor is an ovulation calculator.

Know when you ovulate every month

Ovulation calculator is a device that comes up with the date that is most likely the ovulation date of a woman in her menstrual cycle. Many websites are today offering their services through their free ovulation calculator that can predict when you ovulate. Of course this is done assuming the periods of the woman interested in knowing her ovulation date is having regular periods and that her cycle is also of 28 days duration.

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Why the need for ovulation calculator

But what is the need to calculate ovulation? The answer to this question lies in the fact that a woman is most fertile around the time she ovulates and her body creates environment favorable for the sperm so that it can travel smoothly in cervical mucus and reach the egg and fertilize it so that it can move towards the uterus wall and get implanted there. It seems like a simple process and indeed the lucky couples who have kids easily never have to pay attention to the mechanism that goes inside the body of the female partner. The need to calculate ovulation to predict fertile days so that chances of getting pregnant can be increased is felt in the cases where women cannot seem to conceive despite their best efforts and seemingly no physical problems. How to calculate ovulation is a question in the minds of such ladies but they are pleasantly surprised when they visit the websites where free ovulation calculator is present. To calculate ovulation, all a lady needs to do is to enter the date of the first day of her last menstrual cycle and the length of her cycle. The ovulation predictor comes up with a date that is in all probability the ovulation date in the month of the woman.

You give your body more chances to conceive by having sex on most fertile days

It is no secret that a woman is most fertile when she is about to ovulate. Having unprotected sex with partner to have live sperms inside the vagina around ovulation maximizes chances of conception as the sperms can swim easily in the cervical mucus (it becomes clear and slippery like the white of an egg) to get close to the eggs that have been released by the ovary of a woman because of release of FSH from the pituitary gland. Thus the most fertile time is days before ovulation when the basal body temperature is also high to present warm conditions to eggs to survive inside the body.

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If you want to have a better control over your conception, it makes sense to let ovulation predictor on any website on the internet predict when you ovulate. Now you know the small window in a month when you know you are most fertile and can plan accordingly to have unprotected vaginal sex with your partner to have maximum chances of getting pregnant.

No need to do all the calculations yourself

You can make your own ovulation chart utilizing calculator and ovulation calendar on any reliable website on the internet. Knowing when you ovulate and days before ovulation being the most fertile days for you. This is the time when your body is completely ripe and lends itself to conception with most favorable conditions for even the sperms and the eggs that are produced by the ovaries. Do not try to make your fertility chart as it can be time consuming and full of errors. Just make use of any of the ovulation predictor calculator available on the websites on the internet to know the most fertile time of the month for you.

Of course calculating ovulation and calculation of conception date does not guarantee conception but it certainly lets a woman know her most fertile days to maximize her chances of conception. Internet today is playing the same role that was played by older women in joint families in earlier years when they could easily guess whether a woman was pregnant or not.

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