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Semen Analysis & Sperm Motility

Semen analysis

Semen Analysis & Sperm Motility Analysis of semen is measured with the quantity of semen that a man develops and checks the amount as well as quantity of sperm in the sample of semen. Semen analysis is normally considered as one of the first test performed in order to check that whether man has infertility or not. Infertility in man is a serious problem and he may not be able to become father of a child. The problem of sperm and semen is present in almost one third of the couples and due to this effect they unfortunately are not able to have a child (infertility).

Male fertility test

Majority of the people think that fertility is the problem that occurs in just women but the reality is that there are almost half cases of infertility that produce problem with men. A research show that almost 20 to 30 percent of time, the major obstacle appears in conception is the low fertility of men. So it is also important that men should go for testing the fertility as well as women. If you get fertility problems that you should start your treatment in early stage in order to make a successful pregnancy of your life partner. With male fertility test, men can also spare the discomfort as well as expense of women.

To measure the semen analysis, following tests can be performed during the semen analysis:

  • Volume
    This semen test determines if the semen is involved in ejaculation or not.
  • Liquefaction time
    Semen appears just like a think gel at the time of ejaculation and gradually it becomes liquid after 20 to minutes of ejaculation. Liquefaction time is a test that measures the total time that semen takes to melt think gel into the liquid. This parameter is close to so-called common sperm life span.
  • Sperm count
    Sperm count test measure the quantity of numbers of sperm involve in single ejaculation per milliliter.
  • Sperm motility
    This test determines the percentage of the sperm that can move ahead in normal way. Sperm count that show the normal movement in forward direction in semen can be easily measured with sperm motility.
  • Sperm morphology
    Sperm morphology is a test that measures the sperm percentage that contains the normal shapes (not irregular).
  • pH (acidity)
    pH is a type of semen analysis testing that can measure the low pH ( also called acidity) or high pH (also called alkalinity) of the semen. If you have a so-called semen allergy then ask your partner to drink plenty of water right before and during sexual contact. This measure can reduce total acidity of semen, so it will be less irritating.
  • White blood cell count
    Normally the white blood cells are not located inside the semen. This measures the quantity of white blood cells.
  • Fructose level
    In this testing, doctors can measure the level of sugar in your body called as fructose in semen. Purpose of fructose is to give energy to the sperm.
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Sperm motility

Sometimes, the quality of sperm is more important that the quantity of sperm in men body. Sperm motility can easily move without producing any problem. Basically sperm are of two types: sperm which can swim easily and the sperm that are not able to swim. Please note that sperm that can move rapidly can swim to the egg in order to fertilize it while the other sperm that cannot swim have little uses. Sperm motility is given grades from “a” to “d”. these grades are introduced by the World Health Organization. Sperm motility grades are as follows:

  • Grade a (fast progressive)
    Sperms lie in this category are those which can easily move ahead and swim in a straight line to catch the eggs such as guided missiles.
  • Grade b (slow progressive)
    Sperms graded with “b” can move forward but they do not swim in a straight line. They move in crooked and curved line with slow speed in linear otherwise non linear ability to move spontaneously and independently.
  • Grade c (non progressive)
    These sperms are not able to move forward or swim in any direction. They can only shift their conclusions and are non progressive.
  • Grade d (immotile)
    Sperms lie in this category neither move forward in any direction nor move their tails like grade c sperms. They cannot move at all and remain in one place without showing any motion.

Sperms in grade c and grade d category are called poor sperms. When the sperm motility is poor, this condition is known as asthenospermia. It means that the testis is developing the sperms that are of poor quality and is not working properly like the testis should do normally. This also means that in this condition the motile sperm may not have ability to fertilize the egg. Motility should be 50 percent or more but you should worry if it is below than this. When sperms are poor, the motility reaches to about 20 percent that is very less. In this situation, men cannot get their women pregnant. The basic reason is that sperm present in infertile men having the low count of sperm cannot functionally competent and as a result they are not able to fertilize the egg. If 20 percent of sperm are motile then it means that 80 percent are immotile.

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